New Year's Eve at the surf camp

New Year's Eve in Fuerteventura in the surf camp
Surfcamp guests at our New Year's Eve party
Weather and waves on our house beach on New Year's Eve
The best start to the new year

New Year's Eve celebrate in the surf camp? If it's summery warm as in Fuerteventura all year long, you can surf on New Year's Eve and then toast the new year under palm trees.

Our surf camp is open all year, of course also on New Year's Eve.
You do not want to experience the hour-long, war-like crack in a big city on New Year's Eve? You do not want to endure frogloten Nasen and cold feet at a Glühweinstand? You do not want to a completely crowded and much too expensive New Year's Eve party in a hotel or disco?

Then celebrate with us in the surf camp on Fuerteventura New Year's Eve. We welcome the New Year with fresh waves and summery weather.

The weather and the waves on New Year's Eve in Fuerteventura

The weather on New Year's Eve in Fuerteventura is still warm in the summer. Air temperatures over 25 degrees and water temperatures of still 20 degrees are not uncommon.

I can remember more than one New Year's Eve, when I was still surfing shorty or board shorts in the morning on our home beach in Jandia. The surf pictures above are all taken in the week before New Year's Eve.
So it's not fun, Fuerteventura has a really endless summer that sometimes goes into late spring.

The waves to the New Year's Eve in recent years were almost always reliable. We had great days on our home beach Jandia, but also in La Pared and on our other beaches. Little wind and constant swell from the Atlantic make the coasts and beaches of the island come to their best.

Our surf lessons continue normally for New Year's Eve. Advanced skiers get their money's worth in this season. But even on New Year's Eve, we have surf beginners in our courses, the steady waves on the shallow shoals of the west coast are ideal for the first "white water take-offs".

Our surf camp New Year's Eve party

Of course we organize a New Year's Eve party for our guests.
We work together with bars and restaurants in our place in Morro Jable. Do not worry, there will be no crowded big room disco, there is also no disguise and you do not have to spend hours with other hotel guests in a dining room on New Year's Eve menus.

In Fuerteventura, as already written, the summer is warm all summer. That's why our New Year's Eve celebrations always take place outdoors.
Whether at the paella with a local eatery, on the roof terrace of a small cocktail bar or on the terrace of a tapas restaurant - it always goes to the beach to toast!
Anyone who wants to continue celebrating the new year, maybe even into the early morning hours. Others go to sleep after bumping to be the first ones on the beach and on the surfboard early in the morning.

I've done both on New Year's Eve :) I fell asleep at dawn after a beach party and at dawn I was the first in the water and had perfect waves for myself. Both are possible with us in the surf camp in Fuerteventura.

My conclusion

We have many guests who want to start the New Year in the sun and the sea.
New Year's Eve in Fuerteventura means waves, summers, nice people from all over Europe. As in the last years, we will say goodbye to our guests in the Surfcamp again this year and start the new one in the waves. Aloha!