Nightlife in Fuerteventura in the times of Corona?

Dance floors unfortunately have to remain closed
Restaurants and bars on the Morro Jable promenade

Can you go out in Morro Jable in the evening and celebrate despite Corona? A short foray into Morro Jable's nightlife.

Hello night owls,

everything is different in Corona times. This is similar here in Fuerteventura as on the European mainland. Many things that used to seem natural to us are now impossible and will probably remain so for a while. Maybe even until there is an effective vaccination against the Corona Virus.

Attending a rock concert, standing in the fan block of his football team or rushing to a dance floor at an advanced evening hour to dance and celebrate to your favorite song - was normal in the past. Now these things seem strange to you and you live from the memories of them.

We all know that there will also be a time after Corona. At this time next year, a lot is likely to be possible again that is currently considered irresponsible and selfish.
In retrospect, the time with the hygiene and distance measures will appear as a short episode. Still, a year is a year and at the moment it seems very long to everyone.

But it also does not help to sink into tribulation and to do nothing any more, nor does it help to ignore the new situation and to ignore the rules for protecting others.

Let's all make the best of this situation together.
It starts with enjoying the things that are still possible.

Are bars in Fuerteventura open in the evenings?

Of course, many bars and cafes are open here in Fuerteventura in the evening.
During the lockdown, all restaurants and retail stores in the Canary Islands now had to close. Many are already open again and with the increasing number of tourists there are more restaurants, cafes and bars opening every day.

The reason why many travel to Fuerteventura - the year-round summer weather - also makes it somewhat easier for restaurateurs to get their business going again in Corona times.

Here on Fuerteventura, every restaurant, bar and cafe has an outdoor area that is often even larger than the area in the restaurant. It is still warm here in the evenings and life takes place on the street.

So there is something like a nightlife. Because you can sit in many different tapas bars and bistros and pubs until late at night and have beer, wine, long drinks and much more. drink.

Many restaurants have live music later in the evening

The dance floors of discos and bars must remain closed here in Fuerteventura. However, many restaurants and bars have live music in the evenings. Everything from rock to Spanish folklore is included.

So you can spend great evenings here with music under the Canarian starry sky. As is common in the south of Europe, laughing children run through the streets until late at night. You can stroll through the bars and restaurants, try different tapas, listen to good music and get infected by Spanish exuberance and joie de vivre when the locals start singing along to their songs.


As in the rest of Europe, dance floors on Fuerteventura must remain closed and similar rules apply for wearing masks.
You don't have to wear a mask outdoors and when you sit at the table in the restaurant. Many restaurants have live music and are open late into the night. A short stroll through the bars from bar to bar is great for immersing yourself in local life and getting to know the Spanish hospitality and joie de vivre.