Ode to the autumn on Fuerteventura

Fall in the Canary Islands has little in common with its relative in Central Europe. Canarian autumn means: little wind, full sunshine, long days, warm nights and last but not least - perfect waves that can often compete with international top destinations.

Have you already noticed him - the autumn?

The gophers look like freshly combed? Rent a car at a pace on the gravel road? The first retirees in Stringtanga occupy their beach castles? Right! It's autumn on Fuerteventura!

While you are looking for the warm wool stockings of grandma in the sock drawer in Central Europe, get used to the taste of tea and the light of candles, one of the most beautiful seasons begins on Fuerteventura.

The wind waves of summer are getting less and less. It is found that the permanent noise in the ear was not tinnitus but the strong one
Summer Wind. The wave forecasts read like the main profits of a jubilee lottery!
For us surfers, the Canary Autumn is the prelude to a marathon of birthday and Christmas celebrations, which will last for more than 6 months if all goes well, because now there are so many good waves that often your legs hurt from surfing.

The moderate breeze lets windsurfers bunk down racks sink into veritable Blue Curacao sounds, while kite surfers keep their hard-shelled salt three-quarter boardshorts elastic between the all-inclusive meals in the hotel's swimming pool.

Surfers do not have time for such teasing. Our alarm now rings again at dawn and leads us to the windless West Coast, where we search lonely, white triangles on the oily blue of the endless Atlantic.
Between us and long, smooth, blue walls of salt water is often the one or the other retired rental car driver, which we tear with a hearty long-lasting from the onset of aging.

Gentle fog over the beach.
The sand feels cold, the water all the warmer.
A perfect wave after another peels over the sandbank.
Other surfers?
Where are they all?
Maybe they did not notice what our tired arms and burning legs clearly tell us:

It's autumn on Fuerteventura!

...almost forgotten:
Hey your dear kite and windsurfer, do not take it personally!
The next strawberry Daiquiri is on us;)