Packing list for the surf camp

Don't forget your swimming trunks and flip flops
... and a warm sweater for the evenings at the stand or on the terrace of the tapas bar

Soon the trip to the surf camp will start! Is everything packed? What do you need and what not in the surf camp on Fuerteventura? Here is a small packing list.

Hello surfer,

Have you booked a trip to Fuerteventura to the surf camp? The journey is about to start and you are wondering what you need on site, what you should take with you and what you can safely leave at home?
We have put together a small packing list for you :)

First of all, maybe a few things that you don't need in Fuerteventura:

You don't need bed linen, towels or a hair dryer

It may sound bizarre, but the requirements for tourist accommodation officially approved and recognized by the municipality include many really important things such as fire protection, building security, tax registration - and the presence of a hair dryer. This means that there is a hair dryer in almost all of our accommodations!

In addition, bed linen and towels are provided in all of our accommodations. You should only bring a large towel for the beach.

It never gets colder than 18 degrees in Fuerteventura

Even in the European winter it is still a pleasant 20 degrees on Fuerteventura. In the sun it usually feels even warmer. A list of clothes that you don't need on Fuerteventura would certainly be longer than the list of necessary clothes.

The luggage to Fuerteventura includes:
Flip flops
Great towel for the beach

In the European winter a light jacket and or thick sweater for the evening ...
A little tip: do you know surf ponchos? These practical ponchos made of thick terry cloth are probably the coolest take on a bathrobe. They are super practical for putting on a wetsuit on the beach, but you can also use them as a beach towel or simply to warm up after surfing.
In our office we sell Billabong surf ponchos.


For a trip to the surf camp in Fuerteventura, you need summer clothes and sunscreen. Maybe a light jacket or a warm sweater. If you have any questions about what might be missing in your suitcase, just give us a call or send us an email.