Reviews of the surf camp and our surf courses

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After the rather ironic report of last week, I would like to comment this week on a very important issue for us. How do we deal with reviews, feedback and criticism.

Successful athletes can be seen in winning poses after winning competitions. Arms stretched to the sky, laughing, waving to the audience. Much more insightful in terms of personality, it is to see how people behave in case of failure. Anyone can be a good winner, but not every good winner is a good loser.

For us it is similar in some ways. We are happy when our surfing students come back to us because they enjoyed the week surf course with us so much fun. We appreciate recommendations and praise.
But what about criticism?
Anyone who claims that all guests and surfers are always satisfied with him, plays in the same league as the people claiming in their relationship, there is never any dispute or argument.
It is nonsense to preserve a "beautiful appearance" to the outside, because so you lie to yourself at least as well.
Problems are smiled or ignored, but nothing changes.

Constructive criticism is important and correct. Of course it hurts to be told that not everything you do is great, but it's also a chance.
We as Surfcamp operators take every feedback personally, the good ones as well as the bad ones. For more than 10 years we have been putting every free minute (which we do not spend with our children) into our small business.
To take a critic personally means only that we are honestly happy or are really sad and disappointed.

But it is important for us to handle our criticism correctly!
Being caught does not bring anything here.
For us, this review is always a chance to improve our operation. We are so involved in all the processes of our surf camp, even in many of our guests see nothing, that a step back to the overall picture better to see, can be very good. Sometimes you do not see the forest for the trees.

What does that mean for us individually?

To listen.

Talk - with our guests and with our team.

Reflect and put yourself in the role of our guests. Each of us started surfing or was on vacation somewhere else.

Find a solution.

Finding a solution, making amends, finding a compromise is often a lot easier than you think. As in any relationship, small misunderstandings often lead to big disputes.
The sooner you talk about these misunderstandings the smaller the problems and the faster there will be a satisfactory solution.

We love to do our job and part of it is always to be open to all the wishes and needs of our guests and employees.
We are all human and how well we understand each other depends on how well we listen to each other.

I am of the opinion:
People have different tastes and opinions, which one person has to like, the other does not like. Therefore, it is impossible to always make everyone happy with the idea of ​​an ideal vacation.
But we are always open and flexible and therefore always find a way so that all here on Fuerteventura feel the same enthusiasm for surfing that we feel for years for our sport and have a really nice holiday!

Till next week

PS .: You have a praise or suggestion for us? Write us a message via our feedback form :)