Skateboarding in La Pared

skate quickly to the surf spot for a short sunset session
The quiet road to the romantic bay "La Bahia" is great for longboarding

The skateboard is an invention of surfers who wanted to surf the street on days with bad waves. In La Pared there is a great street for longboarding and skateboarding.

Hello asphalt surfers,

the skateboard is older than many think. The first skateboards were already in the 1950s. Of course, it was surfers who mounted the rollers of old roller skates under boards on days without waves to surf a bit on the asphalt. The first skateboards were therefore also called asphalt surfers.

Skateboarding was already an independent sport in the 1960s, but the upswing and boom of skateboarding did not begin until the 1970s with the introduction of polyurethane wheels. The polyurethane castors had better traction, allowing higher speeds and more radical maneuvers.

The history of modern skateboarding in the 1970s has even been filmed. The film is called: Dogtown & Z-Boys and comes from Stacy Peralta, who was then a member of the famous skate team, the Zephyr team or Z-Boys.

This film is also a surf film in many passages, because the Z-Boys were all passionate surfers. Her skate style was the first to really bring surfing to the streets. It's no exaggeration to say that the Z-Boys completely revolutionized skateboarding.

The remote road to Bahia La Pared is ideal for longboarding

Just like the Z-Boys once, every surfer still looks for places where you have a little surf feeling on the skateboard or longboard and can imagine riding a wave while driving.

With the Z-Boys, this search culminated in emptying swimming pools and skating in the empty pools. The swimming pool of our villa in La Pared also has an ideal shape for it and before the last coat we really skated in it, but now we prefer to leave the water in the pool and explore La Pared.

The secluded little road that leads to La Bahia Bay is perfect for skateboarding and longboarding. The asphalt is fairly smooth compared to other roads. The best are the three gentle hills. The slope is ideal for clean big carving turns, where you think of deep snow descents with the snowboard or just big, evenly rolling green waves with endless walls.

The great thing is that at the end of this street there is the small bay "La Bahia", in which good waves for surfing break. So you can use the skateboard to shorten the way to the waves, like we did last week.

We rent longboards from Sector 9

If you don't have your own longboard or skateboard or don't want to take them on a plane, that's no problem. In our shop in Morro Jable we rent Sector 9 longboards.


Skateboarding and longboarding have developed from surfing and have long been their own sports. For us surfers it is still a way to continue surfing on the asphalt. On the small road to the beach "La Bahia" in La Pared, the gentle hills are ideal for carving and if you want you can reward yourself with a surf session at the end of the day.