Snowboard vs. Surfboard

Snow is no more than frozen water ... A "winking eye" comparison of board sports.

After a recent excursion to the Czech mountain and fairytale landscape we have to say:
Board sports are wonderful, but only without much "Geraffel" ...

Waiting at the lift with cold hands, the cumbersome fumbling for the headphones, which keeps the soundtrack ready for the descent. Caps, helmets, gloves that mimic the haptic experience of an already very old man and last but not least this lift pass, which is always and always not where you put it last.

If this falls on the floor in the swing on the ground it becomes acrobatic.
One foot in the binding, on the tail two skis of the slipping crowd, around the middle of the body two meters of breathable fabric and then: Once bend over, please. Thank you.

In comparison, surfing:
In the worst case, a neoprene pull with long arms and legs (my personal pain threshold), a bit of wax, a longer or even shorter surfboard - that's it!
Depending on luck or misfortune missing the finenschlüssel, a Ersatzleash or the Durchblick for the respective day and spot.

One of the things that I like most about surfing is the simplicity of execution. At least if one disregards the difficulty of implementation.

It can be more motivating to sit with a frozen nose on a chairlift, waiting at the end of an ice plate than to paddle for a few minutes against the current on a beach and not one centimeter closer to the longed-for lineup.
But let's be honest - is not there a little bit of terrier in each one of us?
Then we have just a bright red head and rubber. Once dipped under water, blinked and already the hairstyle sits again.

But I do not want to be superficial. Surfing is not just good looking, but above all good feeling.
The defeat in the fight against the elements is short-lived, considering everything with a little serenity.

As David, I'm not taken aback when Goliath has the better physical cards. Who finally conquers the "beast", is in the legend. Goliath can definitely be called a ego here :)

If we compare the material costs, the two sports do not differ much.
Wherever you can skip a funny 600, - Euro for a snowboard, this amount is also included in a surfboard.
I am always for "reduce, reuse, recycle".

If we add up the quantity of the articles, however, the surfing again cuts significantly better:
1. Boots (no, only in sea urchin contaminated waters and between sharp stones advisable)
"Our" come along without lace and are far from the look of a gypsum leg.

2. Snowboard pants, jacket, back protector Gloves, functional underwear and all the sweat (neoprene comes in different thicknesses and gloves are only for the fussy or the really tough guys and girls who do not shy away from freezing temperatures)

3. Snowboard we already had ...

4. The most important point: SKIPASS. Do not go surfing. Sit down, paddle out, agree with the locals. Finished!

After this short resume is clearly clear which sport causes a material battle and which does not.
Nevertheless, "surfing in the snow" is a comfortable solution for all landlubbers and winter people and (still) one of my favorite sports besides surfing.

In fact, the frustration is not quite as high, as you relatively quickly the departing "hero in the tent" is, while you surf the sometimes remains the frustrated flounder on the ocean.

If you like cold and Czech winter fairy tales, you also urgently need to go to the snow.
Since I do not know anyone who does not like the warm sun a bit, I forgive this point again for surfing.

We see nature (or say we experience it) in both sports. Depending on the weather sometimes more and sometimes less. Surfing is much more energetic, because what is a wave?
A wave is discharging energy.
More or less predictable, such an energy flow makes a Captain America out of us or an Al Bundy. And let's be honest. Energy, human, nature, water, sun ...? Is there anything better?

Now that we've moved on snowboarding, I'd like to break a small lance at the very end:
What could be more beautiful than when the sun shines over the mountains, there is an unpaved runway ahead of us and we are quiet or loud, the first to drive towards the new day?

Endless Summer or Endless Winter?
What do you choose?