Stand Up Paddeling in Jandia

The bay of Morro Jable
The beach of Morro Jable

Where can I stand up paddle or SUP in Jandia? The simple answer is everywhere. Jandia and the neighboring Morro Jable make a great area for SUP surfers.

Stand Up Paddeling is a great way to better explore the coasts and beaches of the southern peninsula of Jandia. The water is warm and turquoise blue. There is hardly any current and only moderate waves.
Tip: Take a SUP tour along the beaches!

The southern peninsula Jandia

The peninsula Jandia begins at Costa Calma. Almost all pictures of Fuerteventura's dream beaches come from this stretch of coast. The bay of Costa Calma and the following lagoon at the beach section Sotavento are very popular because of the strong winds, especially with windsurfers.

Further south rises a kind of steep coast behind the beach and the beach is depending on tides sometimes continuous or divided into small bays.
From the small tourist town of Esquinzo, the wind is often a little weaker. This is the starting point for Stand Up Paddeling.
Paddling from here to the south, there are always beaches and points where small waves break - ideal for SUP surfing in waves.

SUP in Jandia and Morro Jable

After the creeks of Esquinzos begins the long beach of Jandia. The region around the lighthouse is the beach on the southeast coast of Jandia with the most waves. Here you can often see SUP surfing small clean waves.

As a start or destination particularly charming is the small town of Morro Jable for a SUP tour. The region from the dune between Jandia and Morro Jable to the cliff with the steeple of Morro Jable are particularly sheltered from the wind. In the crystal-clear water under the church you can snorkel wonderfully and after the SUP a small snack or delicious fresh fish in one of the restaurants on the small promenade of the place eat.

my conclusion

Jandia is an ideal SUP area. Especially the bay of Morro Jable is well suited for beginners and SUP tours, because here the wind is always the weakest.
On the beach of Jandia, small waves often break ideal for SUP surfing in waves.

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