Summer vacation in a surf camp in Fuerteventura?

Lonely beach on the west coast of Fuerteventura
Small fish restaurant with outdoor area in Fuerteventura

The corona virus is shaking up the travel industry. What will become of the summer vacation with us in the surf camp in Fuerteventura?

Hello surfers and surf enthusiasts,

now we have all been living with the corona virus for several weeks. The exit restrictions in Europe varied. We here in Fuerteventura still have to stay in the house.

Fuerteventura has and has had relatively few infections. The total number of officially reported infections was under 50 people. No one died and only two had to be treated in the hospital.

I don't want to tell you how many perfect waves have remained unsurfed in the last 6 weeks. Everyone has had to make sacrifices recently and how it feels like not being able to surf may be understandable for other surfers, but this is easy to get over in comparison to other human fates.

Now here in Spain, too, the restrictions are being relaxed in small steps.

Although it still takes several months until summer begins, I still want to take a cautious look at what tourism and especially surf tourism in Fuerteventura could look like in summer.

First of all, it should be said that the following section does not consist of reliable facts, but rather conclusions from the level of information that I have gained by the end of April.
We get information in the Spanish and international press and directly from the local authorities.

At the moment (as of the end of April) we are optimistic that it will be possible to go on holiday in Fuerteventura to a limited extent in summer (from July).

Individual tourism will be possible first

According to our information level, individual tourism will be allowed again first. Of course, with appropriate conditions.

These requirements will start with the flight:
- The planes will probably not be fully occupied.
- You will definitely have to wear a face mask on the plane.
- The body temperature may be measured upon entry.
- It is also not unlikely that you will need to submit a recent negative test for the virus. (can be done at the family doctor before the trip)

For the surf course it means:
On site, we may have to change the course of the surf course a bit. Which means, for example, that we can drive to the beach with fewer people in the car and therefore either drive twice or with two cars.

We are already in the process of installing disinfection dispensers on our premises.

Our surf camp apartments, hostel and surf villa are accommodations for individual tourists

Smaller accommodations for individual tourists will be the first to be able to reopen, as there are no large numbers of people here, such as at a buffet in a large hotel.

All of our accommodations - those of our accommodation partners (apartment and hostel) and our own accommodations (surf villa and family holiday home) are accommodations for individual tourists.
Here we are very optimistic that we will be the first to receive guests again.

Shopping and eating go on site:
The restaurants will create larger gaps between the tables. Since most restaurants have a large outdoor area here, this won't be too much of a problem.

Retail stores will be allowed to open under conditions similar to those in the rest of Europe. Supermarkets are normally open as in the rest of Europe.


There is reason to be optimistic. As a small tour operator for individual trips, we don't meet large groups or crowds.
The course of the surf course will probably be changed somewhat.
Our accommodations will certainly be among the first to be opened to guests again. We will inform you here in the blog and via email as soon as we have new information.