SUP rental in Fuerteventura

Surfing SUP has become a popular sport in Germany and Europe. Morro Jable on Fuerteventura is an ideal place to start surfing the SUP. The sheltered bay is ideal for first standing attempts and in neighboring Jandia there are waves for advanced SUP surfers. In our office we give SUP boards from OCEAN & EARTH.

SUP surfing is enjoying increasing popularity in Europe. Absolutely right, because the combination of power and balance on the water is a great workout for the whole body.

The constant balance on the board also activates the small muscles that support the spine. For people who work a lot sitting and therefore often have to do supportive exercises for their back muscles SUP is almost a therapeutic treatment.
But the best thing about this water sport is the closeness to nature and its simplicity. Only with a board and a paddle to explore lakes, rivers or secluded beaches is mainly sports and compensation for the soul.

The result is the "Stand Up Paddeling", like many other varieties of surfing, in Hawaii. Hawaiian surf instructors used large surfboards to stand on and maneuver their paddles to paddle back and forth between their surfing students. The elevated position gave them a better overview. Incoming waves were quicker to find out as well as technical mistakes of the surfing students correct.

Originally, the paddle was also a help to get faster waves and in weak waves to accelerate the board further to ride longer on the shaft.

Meanwhile, many forms of SUP have developed. There are SUP boards specially built for surfing. These boards are shorter, more manoeuvrable for cornering in the waves.
Another form of SUP are long hiking SUP boards which, like canoes, are mostly used on inland waters only.

Most SUP boards are all-round boards with which you can paddle well in shallow water, but can also surf small waves.

In Morro Jable we lend allround SUP boards from the Australian surf brand OCEAN & EARTH. These lightweight and easy-to-use epoxy boards have a soft foam cover that protects against injury.

Our beach in Morro Jable is an ideal SUP area for beginners and advanced SUP surfers. In the sheltered bay, there is hardly any current and waves - ideal for the first attempts on the board and small tours.

A little further to the east waves are running at the lighthouse of Jandia. Here, advanced SUP surfers can spit clean little waves.