Surf camp away from mass tourism

In the large bay of La Pared, good waves break for beginners and advanced surfers all year round
Our surf villa away from mass tourism on the wild west coast

Our surf villa in La Pared is located away from mass tourism on the wild and dreamy west coast of Fuerteventura. Here the island is as tranquil as it used to be.

If you think of dream beaches for surfing, these beaches are actually always empty. Fully packed beaches with sun loungers and vacationers sitting towel by towel, you can hardly imagine surfing.
Surfing and mass tourism are like two antipodes that you can never combine?
Well, that's it for us surf romantics. Surely there are surf stands that are as full as the Costa Brava in summer but who wants to go there.

Surf beaches are almost always away from mass tourism

The surf beaches on Fuerteventura are what you would imagine surfing beaches to be - wild, romantic, remote, turquoise blue warm water and steady waves from the Atlantic. The tourist beaches are on the protected island side. Most "normal" vacationers prefer to swim and swim comfortably and do not like waves.

Therefore, the typical tourist beaches with umbrellas and loungers are mostly on the opposite coast of the island.

Well-known surfing beaches away from mass tourism are Cofete, Garcey (or also American Star), Cotillo and La Pared.

Our surf villa on the wild west coast of Fuerteventura

Many surfers want accommodation within walking distance of the surf spot. That is why we surfers are often looking for surf camps away from mass tourism - we want to be close to the waves!

In addition, as athletes and adventurers, we are often a little different people than the classic package holidaymaker. We are not interested in the hotel buffet or whether the excursion bus is air-conditioned - we want to feel nature and are interested in foreign cultures and mentalities.

As nature athletes, we are aware of the responsibility towards our blue playground and pay attention to sustainability when traveling. No hotel with 650 beds is suitable for that.

Our surf camp in La Pared the romantic surf villa is away from mass tourism. In the small surfing village live a few locals and people who base their daily routines on the waves. There is everything you need: a small supermarket, a delicious seafood restaurant and of course lots of good waves.
In the Surf Villa there is a swimming pool and a sauna to relax after the sports program.


There are many surf camps in Fuerteventura that are away from mass tourism. For example our surf villa in La Pared, where one of the most famous surfing beaches on the island is located.