Surf camp Fuerteventura with a baby?

[Translate to English:] Kleinkinder und Babys mit am Strand beim Surfkurs
[Translate to English:] Surfkurse für Eltern mit kleinen Kindern und Babys
[Translate to English:] Für Kleinkinder und Babys können wir Buggyboards mit an den Strand nehmen
[Translate to English:] Familien Surfcamp - Alta Vista Appartements

Traveling as a family with a baby in a surf camp? No problem! In our surf camp on Fuerteventura we offer accommodation and courses for young families with baby.

Hello dear surfing parents,
right away: yes you can travel with a baby in a surf camp. We live on Fuerteventura with our children and could integrate both as babies very well in our "surf everyday".

The right surfcamp accommodation for families with baby

Morro Jable - our small fishing village right on the sea - has a very beautiful sandy beach, which is protected year-round from wind and where little waves break. Here we go swimming with our own children and many other parents in the village come with their children to this beach.

Behind the beach lies the small promenade with fish restaurants and bars. On the small cliff with church tower, which framing the beach is our family surf camp - the apartment house Alta Vista. From here it is only 30m to the beach. Ideal to play a bit with the child on the beach after a surf lesson. Behind the beach there are many small playgrounds, which we also go with our children.

There is an elevator in the Alta Vista, so you can easily roll into the apartment with the stroller. Of course there is a small kitchen, TV, separate bedroom, Wifi and free cot.

Surf lessons for families with baby

Fuerteventura has summer temperatures all year round. That's a good thing. However, it also means that you have to protect yourself year-round from the sun and the higher temperatures. Of course, children need extra protection from the sun.
Many of the beaches we surf are off the beaten track. There are no toilets, snacks or palm trees to provide shade.
Therefore, we recommend surfers families with baby following course of surfing:


Rent a car for the holidays. Rental cars are very cheap on Fuerteventura and sometimes cost less than 17 € a day.


Follow us with the rental car to the beach where we give the surf course. We take surfing material for both parents.


On the beach, both parents can participate in the theoretical instruction and dry exercises.

Then one parent goes into the water while the other stays with the baby. The parents then simply switch off with the child care and surfing on the beach.

Since the parents share the surfing course quasi, only one course is paid with us although both are on the beach.


If the parents want to surf longer or if a parent has to go home earlier because of the child, we always guarantee a free seat in our surf school car. This allows parents to decide flexibly whether one or both stay longer on the beach and fully meet the needs of their baby.


Of course you can travel as a young family with baby to Fuerteventura in the surf camp. Our apartment house Alta Vista is located almost directly on the beach of Morro Jable. Good Babyphones reach up to the first fish restaurants of the small beach promenade. In the family surf course, you just switch. One plays with the child on the beach, the other is in the water, both parents participate in the theory on the beach and together pay only one course. A rental car and the guaranteed free space in our surf school car guarantee surfing fun and flexibility, while at the same time you can always meet the needs of the baby.

For toddlers we like to take a buggy board to the beach. So our children surfed the first small waves.