Surf camp in May

warm water in May in Fuerteventura
evening surf session on the west coast in May

May is not the month for many surfers planning a trip to a surf camp. Here are a few reasons why May on Fuerteventura is an insider tip among the surfing months.

Many surf camps open in May, which do not have warm weather and water all year round like we do. In France and Portugal it is now so warm for the first time that you can walk on the beach again and surf in a normal wetsuit.

During a surf camp trip to Fuerteventura, most people think of winter and autumn. These are the months in which it is cold and uncomfortable in Central Europe and the famous dream waves break in Fuerteventura.

What about surf camps in Fuerteventura in May? What is the weather like in May and, above all, what are the waves like?

May weather in Fuerteventura

The weather in May can be described as midsummer without exaggeration. So if you want to start summer a little earlier, you should travel to Fuerteventura in May.

The air temperatures are now well over 25 degrees every day and the water is already well over 20 degrees. It feels much warmer in the sun. With statistical 5 rainy days per year, the sun always shines on Fuerteventura. In addition, these statistical days are rarely in spring.

So here is a small packing list for the surf camp in Fuerteventura in May: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen :) and of course swimming trunks and flip flops!

The waves in May in Fuerteventura

Now we come to the part that I announced earlier as an insider tip. The waves in Fuerteventura in May can still be really good. Thanks to the strong low pressure areas that still occur in the North Atlantic, there can still be waves in the first half of May that make surfers want to travel to Fuerteventura.

Our house beach Cruz Roja then fires clean blue right waves onto a white sandbar.

With less swell, the west coast has good waves because the strong trade wind of summer has still not started.

The big advantage of May
In May it is often much emptier on Fuerteventura's beaches and in Fuerteventura's waves, since most surfers who come because of the winter have already left and the main season in summer has not yet started;)


Surf camps in Fuerteventura in May are an insider tip and hopefully will remain so for a while. Because with a bit of luck, especially in the first half of May, you will have waves of the quality that you can only find in winter and this on empty beaches and midsummer water and air temperatures!