Surf camp over 40

Learn to surf at 40
Paddle power knows no age limits

Even with over 40 years or older you are not too old for a surf camp and to learn to surf. Especially outside of school and university breaks, we often have over 40 guests in the surf camp.

Who still has an Alf T-shirt or Alf cuddly toy? Who saw ET in the cinema? Who wanted the first Gameboy for Christmas?
Anyone who can shout “I” for all these questions is almost certainly one of the people who, like me, graduated from school before the turn of the millennium.

We have grown old.
When the funny stories from the past are unpacked in the circle of friends, we are sometimes 20 years back in the past.

The problem is we don't feel that old at all. I don't think I've become more narrow-minded or conservative. Yes, life has a lot more commitments than when I was 20. Nevertheless, I now feel freer in a different way than before.

This also means that you are more materially independent than at 20. You may not have as much free time, but you have the money to travel in your free time.

Can you learn to surf when you are over 40?

Of course you can!
You are never too old to learn to surf. We, 40 years old, are more confident and relaxed than many "young" people. We know that recreational sports are not a performance show. Surfing is not about being better than others, it's about the unique feeling of feeling the power of the ocean with just a board.

We have beginner-friendly surf equipment and teach in small groups of 4 to a maximum of 8 people per instructor. So our surf instructors can respond individually to each student.

Are there other guests over 40 in the surf camp?

Of course!
Outside of school holidays, when many families come to us and during the semester break, the average age of our guests is between the late 20s and mid-40s.

Don't worry, you don't have to have conversations about courses at high school or have pity puzzled: "What are you 40 ?!"
There are no drinking games, but of course there are plenty of opportunities to meet nice people in our surf course and after-course activities in a relaxed atmosphere.

We offer different types of accommodation so that everyone can find the best compromise between comfort and price-performance ratio. In all rooms and apartments you have your own shower and toilet.

My conclusion

Nobody who is 40 or older should be afraid to book a surf vacation out of false shame. You are never too old to learn to surf.
I am over 40 myself and in no way feel too old to surf. In our surf camp we have many guests older than 40. Outside of school and semester breaks, the average age of our guests is between the late 20s and mid-40s.