Surf camp over Christmas

Santa also goes surfing
Surf class over Christmas in Jandia our surf camp house beach
Surf instructor over Christmas in surf camp on Fuerteventura
The waves on our house beach Jandia over Christmas

Does it fit together: surf camp and Christmas? Can you imagine Christmas trees on the beach? As usual, Fuerteventura also offers summer weather and great surfing conditions at Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho,
Spend Christmas in the surf camp. What would Santa Claus say? I will try to answer this rather rhetorical question in its place.

I suspect that Santa Claus is not necessarily averse to visiting a surf camp, if it is like our surf camp on Fuerteventura. You must not forget that Santa Claus is many hundreds of years old and therefore, due to age, the summer warmth of our Canary Island will prefer its dull everyday life at the North Pole health reasons.

At Christmas, the weather in Fuerteventura is still warm in the summer

In short: In December (at Christmas and New Year's Eve), the weather in Fuerteventura is still warm in summer. By day it's 20 to 25 degrees and the water is still nearly 20 degrees warm. In the warm sun of Fuerteventura you feel even warmer. Thanks to the statistical five rainy days of the island, the likelihood of having bright sunshine at Christmas is more than high.

The picture of the Christmas tree on the beach is not wrong.
Speaking of the beach ... Of course there are also good waves on Fuerteventura at Christmas. In recent years, the waves on our home beach in Jandia were so good that they are willing to believe again in Santa Claus.

Celebrate Christmas in the surf camp

For many, Christmas is a family celebration that they spend with the family for just that reason. I am the father of two little daughters for whom Christmas is one of the most important days of the year.

But just because Christmas is a family celebration, there are many reasons to spend it in Fuerteventura. It may be that you do not want to sit with your whole family in half dark living rooms but rather happily sit on the beach. Or is it because, even though one does not like his family, one does not feel the urge to participate in certain Christmas rituals.

As a person you go through different phases and I also spent Christmas without a family and not at home and I really enjoyed it.

For all those who would like to organize a Christmas dinner with our surfcamp guests here in Fuerteventura. The good thing is that you can surf all the calories the next day in the water again.

My conclusion

Spending Christmas at Surfcamp on Fuerteventura is a great thing. Be it alone with friends or with the whole family. Every Christmas we have many guests who want to spend the festival of lights in the warm summer weather of Fuerteventura. ... and it's not just summery warm on Fuerteventura at Christmas, there are also pretty good waves. Of course, we organize a joint Christmas dinner for our surfcamp guests.
I just have to say

Ho Ho Ho
Your Christof