Surf camp with teenagers

Volleyball on the beach after the surf course
Family on the way to the surf course
Brothers on the green wave
Sandboarding on the dune in Morro Jable

There are many families in our surf camp. A holiday in a surf camp is also ideal for families with teenagers. You travel with the family and the teens quickly connect with their peers.

More and more families are traveling in surf camps. No wonder here you can quickly connect with other water sports enthusiasts. Surfing is also ideal for children because it does not require any previous knowledge and you can splash around in the waves all day.
Surf camps are also ideal for teenagers.
Some teenagers travel alone with their families.

Teenagers in family surf camp

From a certain age, many teenagers no longer want to travel with the family. It is more than understandable that young people want to be independent and gain their own experience.
Nevertheless, many mothers and fathers regret it if the children want to go on vacation without them.

A surf camp is ideal for family vacations with teenagers. The surf course provides daily action in the water. In addition, you quickly come into contact with peers and like-minded people. After the surf course there are many other activities with the other participants.
In this way you go on vacation as a family. Some parents take the surf course with the teenagers others use the time while the teens are on the surf course for other activities or time together.

In the group, the teens quickly connect and can thus make contact with other participants independently with or without their parents.

In the family surf camp you have the ideal mix of independence and closeness so that the growing children do not get bored and you can go on holiday together as a family.

Teenagers alone in the surf camp

In our surf camp in Fuerteventura, teenagers can also travel alone. Teenagers under the age of 18 must be at least 16 years old and show a written consent from their parents.
Teenagers under 16 years of age cannot travel to us alone. Spain also has strict youth protection laws, and minors under 16 have to travel with a guardian. It doesn't matter whether this person is the parent or an adult sibling.

Of course, we take care of our guests here on site and nobody is left alone. However, we cannot provide the supervision required for minors under the age of 16 under the Child Protection Act.

Our surf camp is ideal for teenagers aged 16 and over. There are cheap and clean accommodations near the beach. There are meals together and many other activities after the surf course.
This way you can quickly get in touch with other surfers and share your passion for surfing with like-minded people.


In Morro Jable we arrange Spanish courses at a local language school. The Spanish courses can always be combined with the surf course.


Of course, teenagers want to be independent and have their own experience. The surf course and many other activities in the surf camp are an ideal place for an organized vacation for teenagers.
Families with teenagers in particular can spend their holidays here without the boredom of the teens. Through the joint activities there is enough space to get in touch with other peers and like-minded people and still spend the holiday together as a family.