Surf camps in Fuerteventura for Easter

warm water for Easter in Fuerteventura
Our home spot Cruz Roja fires a few Easter waves!

We also organize surf camps and surf courses in Fuerteventura at Easter. Have you ever looked for Easter eggs on the beach?

We organize surf camps and courses all year round in Fuerteventura, of course also at Easter.
Christmas is not even over and we are already writing about Easter ?!
Well, we are not a food discounter, where the first chocolate bunnies will be available in a few weeks while you are still eating the last Santa Claus at home - but when planning your trip, many surfers are already in Easter. Not least because the many public holidays around Easter save a lot of vacation days if you want to leave Central Europe for a week.

... for all surfers who come to Fuerteventura over Christmas, New Year's Eve and in winter, the question does not arise, but Fuerteventura beginners usually ask first:

What's the weather like at Easter in Fuerteventura?

This important question for all vacationers can be answered very easily: It's summer!

At the beginning of April the air temperatures in Fuerteventura are at least about 25 degrees. The water is at least 20 degrees. All of this can feel much warmer in the sun. With a statistical five days of rain per year, the sun always shines in Fuerteventura.

So what should you take with you on vacation? Definitely sunscreen and beach gear, maybe a thick sweater or a light jacket for evenings by the sea with a fresh wind.

Where to surf in Fuerteventura at Easter?

All over!
The Easter waves are often very good.
April weather is, according to a well-known saying, quite volatile in Europe. Of course, this does not apply to the weather on Fuerteventura, but the unstable weather in Europe is partly due to strong low pressure areas that cross the Atlantic towards the mainland.

These low pressure areas ensure constant waves with us on Fuerteventura, which are often not a bit worse than the waves in Fuerteventura winter. With the small difference that the water is significantly warmer.

The first "board shorts surf" often take place at Easter;)


Spending Easter in the Canaries and Fuerteventura at the surf camp is a great idea. The chances are very good that the waves are just as good as the winter waves are known for Fuerteventura and this at summer temperatures.

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