Surf courses for families

[Translate to English:] Familie auf dem Weg zum Surfkurs
[Translate to English:] Geschwister teilen eine Welle

You are never too old to learn to surf. Children are just as fascinated by surfing as adults. Surfing is therefore an ideal family sport. We offer surf courses for families.

Hello surfing families,

are there special surf courses for families? Of course there are surf courses for families here with us on Fuerteventura. Right now in summer we have a lot of families on our surf courses.

I honestly have to write that our surfing courses for families are not much different from our "normal" surfing courses. Surfing is a sport where little equipment is required and there is a virtually non-existent risk of injury.
What should you be able to hurt yourself with? If you fall either into the water or the soft sand. For the surf course we use surfboards with a soft foam cover that you can not hurt yourself.

Children love surfing

Children love water, splashing, swimming, summer and the waves. Surfing - that is surfing - is easy for children to learn. As already written, little equipment is needed. Surfing is easy and intuitive to learn and is great fun from the first try. The feeling of being carried to the beach by the power of a wave is a feeling of happiness that immediately inspires children and that also does not let go of us adults.

For children in our surf courses, we have smaller boards with soft foam covers and long wetsuits. The wetsuit is not only protection from the cold but also from the sun and it also cushions bumps from the surfboard should you fall.

Children from 7 years old can take part in our course. You should be able to swim. We always stay in deep water during the family and children's course. But being able to swim a little also means that you are familiar with the element of water and are not afraid of falling from the board into the water.

We also have courses for families with young children

Of course there are also many families whose children are younger than 7 years. My big daughter has just turned 7 and my little daughter is 4 years old.

My big daughter is already an enthusiastic surfer, the little one is emulating her and wants to surf too. But what do parents do with babies or toddlers?
The little ones need constant supervision and attention, of course. As cute as children of this age are and it's so nice to dig, splash and fool around with them - go surfing and leave the little ones unattended on the beach is not possible.

We therefore offer parents with small children under 7 the opportunity to share the surf course. This means that both parents take part in theoretical instruction on the beach, but only one parent is in the water and surfing. The other looks after the children on the beach during this time.
You only have to pay for a surf course.
So you can surf and spend time with the kids on the beach. We have many families who use this offer.


Surfing is a sport for the whole family! Little material and theoretical knowledge is required. Parents and children can have fun together in the water and take great holiday experiences home with them. Especially during the school holidays, we have many surfing families in our surf courses and it is easy to get in touch with other nice families who are enthusiastic about water sports.