Surf holiday in a holiday home in Fuerteventura

large holiday home with different apartments and studios and swimming pool in La Pared
Family holiday home with fantastic sea views in Morro Jable

There are many beautiful holiday homes on Fuerteventura - ideal for a surf vacation. Here is a small overview of our holiday homes on Fuerteventura for surfers.

For surfers who appreciate a little individuality is the ideal holiday in a cottage. Of course Fuerteventura also has many holiday homes, some of which are very suitable for surfers due to their location and facilities.

In addition to our apartments and our hostel in Morro Jable, we also arrange two holiday homes in Fuerteventura. I would like to introduce you to these two holiday homes today.

holiday home for surfers

Are there holiday homes especially for surfers? Or ask another question, what would a "normal" holiday home be for a surfer's house?

A holiday home for surfers should of course be near a surfing beach! There is probably no criterion which is more crucial, because for us surfers the holiday is almost the time in which we want to surf as much as possible.

In addition, a surfer cottage should of course spray a bit the spirit of the surfer. In addition to appropriate decoration, this also includes very simple things such as a place for surfboards and wetsuits and, above all, a contact for the knowledge of waves and surf spots.

There should also be the opportunity to borrow surfing gear, buy surfing gear and book surf lessons or guidings nearby.

Our holiday home in Fuerteventura

We arrange two cottages for our surf students in Fuerteventura. Both cottages are near famous surf spots in Fuerteventura.

The one house is a romantic house over two floors with fantastic sea views. The house is located in the small fishing village of Morro Jable. Close by is the beach of Jandia where often good waves for beginners and advanced surfers break.

This house is ideal for couples and young families who also want to participate in the Spanish life in Morro Jable.

The second house is a luxury villa with pool, sauna and jacuzzi in La Pared. La Pared is one of Fuerteventura's best known and most undulating beaches. There are waves breaking all year round for beginners and advanced surfers. On the property there is a spacious apartment, a cozy studio and a rustic bungalow. On request, yoga classes can be organized on the on-site Yoga Podium (next to the pool).

This house is ideal for families, groups, friends, couples, seeking independence, pure nature, peace and relaxation and especially waves, waves, waves.

Our conclusion

Whether family, couple, friends or groups everyone has different motives to book holidays in a holiday home. Nevertheless, all appreciate the independence and individuality of a holiday in the house. We arrange two very different holiday homes in Fuerteventura that are specially designed for the needs and desires of surfers.