Surf house in Fuerteventura

the pool of our villa
our surf villa in La Pared is not far from one of the most famous surfing beaches of the island

A surf house is a holiday home in which surfers spend their vacation together and which meets the special demands of surfers.

Hello surfer,
Now it is April and we look back on a whole year of Corona. You can let it stand for a moment and take a deep breath. For a year now, what we initially called the “new” normal has become so routine that the “old normal” seems like a distant dream. If you think about what was taken for granted in the past, it is almost unthinkable today (due to the responsibility you have towards your fellow human beings). That normally normal encounters with friends and relatives are only possible to a limited extent is just as reality as the limited range of motion when it comes to traveling.

I still remember very well the time a year ago when we weren't allowed to leave the house here on Fuerteventura. From the terrace of our surf villa I could see clean waves breaking in the small bay of Bahia in an offshore wind. In addition to the large beach of La Pared, Bahia La Pared is the second small bay in the town where good waves break on an overgrown reef.

Is it the irony of fate that you are alone in a house that is supposed to be used to meet other surfers and can only see the waves but not surf ?!
At least that's how it often seemed to me.

Our villa is not far from two well-known surf spots in Fuerteventura

So last year in March and April we had house rest here - but from the beginning of May we were allowed to surf again, but only on surfing beaches that were within walking distance. What luck that our surf villa is close to two well-known surf spots. The beach “El Viejo Rey” and the bay “La Bahia”, I had a lot of good waves in May, to which I could practically only run out of the garden gate with the board under my arm.

Often it was enough to look out over the sea from the large terrace to see the direction of the wind. The size of the waves can be guessed a bit from the quieter or louder muffled rumble of the surf. But if you just walk down the street to surf anyway, then going to check the waves is part of the morning ritual where you have a coffee on the way and meet other surfers from the village.

Normally, the encounter with other surfers in our surf house not only takes place in the small cafe on the way to the beach, but of course also on the property.

Our villa in La Pared is our surf house in Fuerteventura

Our surf house is a villa in La Pared. The villa is a 1000 square meter property. There is a large apartment, a small apartment, a bungalow and a studio on the property. All accommodations naturally have their own bathroom, their own small kitchen and their own private seating or relaxation area, in the form of a terrace or something similar, where you can be alone.

But there are also many areas on the property where you can meet other surfers. At the large swimming pool in the outdoor kitchens, at the fireplace, in the Canarian garden, on the yoga platform and much more. There is also a sauna on the property.

The goal when designing our Surf Villa was to create a place where surfers can relax, meet other surfers and go surfing together on beaches that are within walking distance.


Our surf house in Fuerteventura is our surf villa in La Pared. In La Pared there is a large natural beach where waves break for beginners and advanced surfers all year round. There is also another reef surf spot for advanced surfers. On the property of the Surf Villa there is a swimming pool, a sauna, a yoga platform, outdoor kitchens and much more. Each apartment in the villa has its own kitchen, bathroom and private seating and relaxation area. So you can relax and still come into contact with other surfers quickly.