Surf vacation in Fuerteventura for couples

on the way to the beach of La Pared
Surf course in the sunset

There are many couples surfing. Here are a few tips and information for couples who are going on a surf trip together.


A surf trip is ideal for people who like to get in touch with other people. Couples like to spend their vacation together and still like to be in contact with other surfers. We do not think it is necessary to offer extra surf trips for singles, nor is it necessary to organize extra surf trips for couples.

On a surf trip you always come into contact with other people during the surf course, because everyone shares the same passion for the sea, the waves and surfing :)
In addition, we also offer a number of joint activities after the surf course. Dinner together, sandboarding, extra surf theory, etc.

Despite the shared passion for sport and the sea, as already mentioned, many different people travel to us, singles, couples, groups, families ...
That is why we offer different types of accommodation to meet the different needs and preferences of our guests.

Our accommodations for couples

Surfer couples book surf trips because they like to get in touch with other surfers, but they value privacy when it comes to their accommodation.

We recommend our apartments in Morro Jable to couples. In the romantic fishing village there is next to a small sandy beach, which is framed by a picturesque cliff with a church tower, many small delicious Spanish restaurants for fresh fish and tapas. There are bars with live music and small alleys to stroll around.

The Alta Vista is located directly on the sea next to the church. The apartments at Alta Vista are ideal for couples. On the roof terrace you can meet the other surfers at breakfast and still enjoy your privacy in the apartment.

Our villa in La Pared is ideal for newly in love

New: Our villa in the sleepy surfer town of La Pared on the wild west coast. Sunsets, stargazing, nature walks, relaxing together in the whirlpool or relaxing in the sauna. All of this is possible in La Pared. Of course there is a large pool in the villa.

The studio, the bungalow and the large apartment in the villa in La Pared are often booked by couples who then cook together in the evening in the outdoor kitchen.

The town has one of the best fish restaurants on the island. The restaurant is located on the small bay of Bahia.


We do not offer a special trip for couples, but our apartments in Morro Jable and our romantic villa in La Pared are ideal for couples who like to get in touch with other surfers and still value privacy when choosing their accommodation.