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The terms surf camp and hotel sound immediately opposite. Therefore, the following questions arise: Are there surf camps with the comfort of a hotel? ... or: Can I stay in the hotel and still participate in a surf camp?

Hello Fuerteventura Surfer,
The desire for a surf camp with the comfort of a hotel is not to be ashamed of. As well as you prefer to stay in the hotel but still want to take part in the surf course of a surf camp.

Surfers are not elite soldiers who parachute near the coast to then build a tent of leaves there in the forest and feed themselves until the first hunt of tree bark and worms.
Surfing is always associated with a holiday for us Central Europeans. The holiday should be the best time of the year. Of course, everyone has a different budget on holiday and other preferences, but the first reason for the holiday is to recover from everyday life. To clear one's mind of the worries and to do something good for oneself. Why not go for the convenience of a hotel while surfing?

So here are a few tips for planning your vacation for all surf camps looking for hotel comfort.

Surf camp in a Apart hotel

In Morro Jable we arrange apartments in two different small apartment houses, run by locals. The Alta Vista is located directly on the sea and the Tao only 200m from the sea. The TAO has a swimming pool with sea views. In both houses there is hotel-like comfort. There is no half board with a large buffet, but there are many small and delicious Spanish restaurants right outside the door. So if you are used to the comforts of a hotel on holiday, you must not be afraid when traveling to our surf camp that you sleep with four people in bunk beds in the same room, in the morning in the shower or wake up at night by drunks knocking on the door.

Bay a hotel near a surf camp

In Morro Jable there are smaller hotels and in our neighbor town Jandia there are some big hotels.
Do not worry Jandia is not like some tourist resorts in Gran Canaria or Mallorca where whole cities are just hotels. On Fuerteventura there has been a freeze for years and the number of hotels is so manageable. In this way, Fuerteventura maintains its natural charm that consists of the blue waters, the empty beaches and the harsh beauty of barren nature. Oh, now I have deviated again from the topic ...
For surf lessons we come daily to pick up our guests from the hotel. And if you want to take part in the activities of our surf camp, you can do just as well and just walk from the hotel on the beach promenade from Jandia to us to Morro Jable.

My conclusion

If you want to take part in a surf camp on vacation, which means that you want to surf and meet other nice surfers, you do not have to do without the comfort of a hotel. We provide well-kept apartments in the Apparthotel TAO with swimming pool, only 200m from the sea in Morro Jable. Alternatively, we pick up our surf students from all hotels in the area by car to the surf course. Of course, guests of a hotel can also participate in the activities of our surf camp. Surf camp and hotel are not a contradiction.

Until next week
Your Christof