Surfcamp over 30

You are over 30 and would like to spend a holiday in a surf camp? No problem in our surf camp are many guests 30 or older. You are not addressed with your surname and there are no conversations about graduate courses.

Hello dear blog readers over 30,
Today I would like to take you (as a 40 year old) your reservations to come to us in the surf camp.

We are not a special over 30 Surf Camp - which is why we casually omit the well-known form of advertising of over 30 events: glue boxes and bus shelters in villages and small towns with neon-colored, black and white copied posters.

Many guests of our surfcamp are older than 30 years. This is not because we make a selection in advance. We suspect it is more the destination - Fuerteventura and our surf camp concept.

The arrival and offers at other surf camps

Even if the airfares fluctuate every year and sometimes outrageously cheap, the arrival by plane to us is a bit more expensive than with the coach to the French Atlantic coast.
The same applies to our accommodations. Of course we also offer cheap accommodation, for example our hostel. Nevertheless, it is better to share a tent for four with other surfers in a campsite.

I've been a surf instructor in France for a long time, slept a lot of 24-hour bus trips behind me and slept much longer than a year and a half in a tent. I do not want to miss any of these days, but I prefer to sleep in a real bed now and I'm happy if the journey is a bit more comfortable.

I think that's how many people are interested in surfing. Anyone who earns his own money and therefore no longer has 6 weeks summer vacation, rather paid a little more to be able to really enjoy the one or two holidays.
That is why most of our surf camp participants are between mid / late 20 to mid / late 30.

Fuerteventura's surf camps are ideal for surfers from the age of 30

What all age groups are looking for in a surf camp is, in addition to surfing together, the contact with new people. Many intentionally travel to a surf camp to quickly catch up with a nice group on vacation.

Of course, we also attach great importance to our guests surfing together and doing something together. For this we offer various activities, for example, shared evenings with paella or a delicious fish meal on the small beach promenade of Morro Jable, as well as sandboarding, yoga and much more.
But we do not do any drinking animation or ice cube games. Of course, our guests go out together in the evening and there is also a disco in the place where you can extend the evening, but who would rather early to bed to be fit the next day is not booed or animated to beer bong.
In addition, we organize joint excursions such as boat, buggy or quad bike tours.

Learn to surf with over 30?

No one is too old to start surfing at the age of 30 or older. Therefore we have no Ü30 surf lessons with special warm-up exercises for tired bones.
I think we over 30 year olds often feel better than some 20 year old, after all, we live more consciously. We have long seen a car in the city is nasty. We know you do not have to go out on Fridays and Saturdays every weekend. We know our body and know about our sporting strengths and limitations.

So do not worry you are not too old to learn to surf. My father-in-law was the first time on a surfboard at the age of 70 and thought it was great.

My conclusion

There are no specific over 30 surf camps, but our Fuerteventura surf camp has a certain average age based on how you arrive, how you stay, and our concept. Our guests are between mid 20 and late 30.
So do not worry You'll meet people of your age who also want to learn to surf and spend a relaxing holiday looking for a nice group.