Surfing and diving on Fuerteventura

[Translate to English:] Tauchen auf Fuerteventura
[Translate to English:] Surfen auf Fuerteventura

Surfing and diving may be completely different types of sports. But they unite the love of the sea. Seen from the right angle, surfing and diving complement each other and belong together.

Hello dear surfers and hello dear divers,
In today's blog article I would like to write about two water sports. The one sport is the one that brought me here to Fuerteventura - surfing. The other sport is also a water sport and is probably perceived by many water sports enthusiasts as the complete opposite of surfing - scuba diving.

Surfing and diving a contrast?

Surfen und Tauchen sind quasi die beiden Antipole in der Welt des Wassersports. Surfen voll Action geladen und Adrenalin über dem Wasser – Tauchen ruhig und entspannt unter Wasser. Was Gegensätzlich klingen mag, ergänzt sich dennoch sehr gut. Denn was gibt es besseres als nach einem Tag voll körperlicher Anstrengung und mag sie noch so positiv sein, etwas zu tun was der Entspannung dient.

Taucher werden mit den Augen rollen und sagen: „Halt, Tauchen ist doch kein Yoga. Es ist durchaus auch körperlich anstrengend“. Das ist völlig richtig. Aber der Umgang mit dem Wasser und das Konzentrieren auf sich und seine Atmung, das Haushalten mit den eigenen Kräften, ist eine wunderbare Ergänzung zum ständigen totalen "auspowern" beim Anpaddeln und Abreiten einer Welle.

Can you surf and dive on Fuerteventura?

The differences and the resulting synergies in surfing and diving may be enough discussed here. I think from these approaches can certainly derive one or the other evening conversation ...

More importantly, where to surf and dive?
For example, here with us on Fuerteventura.
You will be astonished to hear that right on the beach in Jandia, where surfing is often very good - one of Fuerteventura's best diving spots.
I have been diving there myself. Barely more than 30m off the coast, there is a 60m high reef underwater. Morays, rays and turtles are also found here.
You can surf and dive here on the same beach.

My conclusion

Surfing and diving are, in my opinion, the two sports in which I deal most directly with the sea. That's why I do not think these water sports exclude each other. On the contrary - I already surfed Fuerteventura the same day and later did a dive and found both great.

If you want to surf and dive on vacation, or couples whose interests are different and where one prefers surfing and the other dives, Fuerteventura is the place for you!
There are good surfing beaches and great places to dive. Often these are not even far apart.
In addition, there are surf schools as well as good diving schools.

You want to surf and dive in your vacation?
Write us an email and we will organize a vacation package with surf lessons and diving lessons.