Surfing and Pilates in Fuerteventura

Pilates after surfing in Fuerteventura
relaxed morning session in winter

Whole body training Pilates is often called in the same context as yoga. Certainly there are parallels in the type of stretching exercises, but while yoga focuses on breathing and listening, Pilates is more of a series of strength exercises for the whole body.

Hello dear surfers young at heart,
After Sarah discussed the combination of surfing and yoga in the previous article, today I would like to write a little bit about the combination of surfing and Pilates.

At 41, I am no longer one of the youngest surfers in the line up. Time has passed quickly for children. I can remember my first waves as if it were yesterday. My advancing age reminds me more of how quickly my children grow up and that my friends talk more and more about their health problems.
Popular topic: back pain.

Everyone felt it.
I also had relatively often what is commonly called "lumbago". After this back pain in the lumbar region spoiled my more than perfect surf day in the south of Tenerife and a year later a couple of pre-season deep snow runs in Austria, I decided to start Pilates more than two years ago.

Pilates is not a sport for women

... this cliche seems to persist in the minds of many men. I do Pilates here on Fuerteventura once a week and when our trainer Victor announces a new exercise or wants to say something motivating, he often starts the sentence with: "Chicas ..." then clears his throat, looks around and quickly complements each other : "Y chicos ..."

Yes, I'm almost always the only man in a group of highly motivated women, most of whom are my mother's age. But that doesn't mean that the training is boring or easy. On the contrary, I still have sore muscles after my weekly Pilates session. But I have something else less - back pain!

Where to do Pilates in Fuerteventura

I myself go here in Morro Jable where I live with a Pilates group in a small gym. Classes are open everyone can participate even without being a member of the gym. The atmosphere is friendly and you often meet the participants of the group in the afternoon.

Those who are only briefly in Fuerteventura in Morro Jable can also take part in the Pilates lessons. There are appointments in the morning and in the evening, so that the Pilates can also be combined with a surf course.


You can't compare Yoga and Pilates. Both are justified and both of them don't make us professional surfers, but they certainly make us healthier and more capable.
Just like yoga, you can do Pilates on Fuerteventura. I have been doing Pilates for over two years and feel safer on the board. In addition, my complaints have decreased significantly.