Surfing and sailing in Fuerteventura

relaxed sailing after surfing in the south of Fuerteventura
hard on the wind with the offshore regatta Yacht Fisher and Paykel in the South Cape of Fuerteventura

Besides surfing, sailing is my second favorite water sport. You know many surfers who feel the same way. Of course you can sail and surf in Fuertevenura!

Many think that surfers (surfers) would be interested in kitesurfing or windsurfing as the next water sport.
This is only partially true. Most surfers who also kitesurf and / or windsurf are all former kitesurfers and / or windsurfers who started surfing later and are now primarily surfing (i.e. surfing). If the waves are not so good or it is very windy, these surfers go kitesurfing or windsurfing.

But there are also many surfers (like me) who started surfing directly or who came from skateboarding or snowboarding. Few of these surfers later develop a preference for windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Many surfers in my circle of friends come from board sports and quite a few are as enthusiastic as I am about sailing. So there are quite a few surfers who are also sailors.

Sailing and surfing have more in common than you think

Nothing can be found in the name of the two sports that indicates similarities.
To find the intersection of sailing and surfing, you have to take a step back and look at the big picture that makes these two sports.

Surfing is more than just paddling with a board and jumping on waves. It is about the experience of the forces of nature that feel one with the ocean and its power. Then there is the millennia-old history of surfing. Sometimes you have the feeling that surfing is something bigger than pure sport.
I don't want to be too spiritual now ...

Back to sailing. Doesn't everything I said about surfing in the last paragraph also apply to sailing? You can feel the ocean and move silently across the water with the force of the wind. Sailing also looks back on thousands of years of history.

I do not want to say now that we sailing surfers consider ourselves as thoughtful spiritual people. I don't do this for me. But I try to explain the connection why sailing is so fascinating for many "pure surfers".

Where can you sail in Fuerteventura?

Of course you can also sail in Fuerteventura. There are several large and small sailing schools where you can borrow agile little hobycats.
These fun vehicles are just as much a part of water sports veterans as longboards.
The Hoby 16 can already be seen in surf film classics like Endless Summer 1.

If you don't want to sit on the wet trampoline of a hobycat, you can take part in various guided sailing trips. Many of these sailing tours start in the port of Morro Jable. We are happy to help you with the organization.


Sailing and surfing are my two favorite water sports and Fuerteventura is not just a paradise for surfing. The steady trade wind Fuerteventura is ideal for sailing. In Morro Jable there is a sailing school that gives Hobycats and in the port of Morro Jable different guided sailing tours start.
Sailing and surfing on vacation in Fuerteventura?
No problem! ;)