Surfing and snorkeling in Fuerteventura

Snorkeling in Morro Jable is also a highlight for many boat excursionists
The bay with cliff of Morro Jable is ideal for snorkeling
living underwater world while snorkeling in Fuerteventura
crystal clear, blue water for snorkeling in Fuerteventura in Morro Jable

Surfing and snorkelling here in Fuerteventura on the same day does not seem particularly spectacular to us island surfers. If you surf a lot on the long beaches of France or Northern Spain, it is not obvious to find beautiful spots for snorkeling.

Of course we live in Fuerteventura because we want to surf here - preferably every day. But what do you do when you do not want to surf? If you want to relax on the beach in the afternoon, but want to be a bit more active than just reading a book? ... for example snorkeling!

I mean, there are many reasons to spend every free minute surfing, and there are still those moments when you want to do something different on a surf vacation.
Snorkeling is a wonderful balance:
As a surfer you are in his favorite element of water, you drift relaxed and can relax the tired paddle muscles, you explore the strange and lively underwater world. ... and with all that you do not need expensive equipment or long drive.

Snorkeling in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura has many dream beaches. we surfers know only a fraction of it because we are looking for beaches where waves break. But there are several picturesque bays where no waves break. If you go swimming, you are immediately fascinated by the crystal-clear water and see fish that swim close to the beach in the deep water.

As barren as Fuerteventura often appears on land it is so alive it is under water. There are many different species of fish to see, colorful reef fish, elegant barracudas, moray eels, small reef sharks, and in the area around Morro Jable big skates and sometimes even turtles.

The best beach for snorkeling in Fuerteventura

As already mentioned, there are many different beaches and small coves in Fuerteventura. The best beach for snorkeling does not exist. But nevertheless I would like to give a hint here:

As easy as it sounds, the bay of Morro Jable and the waters off the cliff with the church in Morro Jable are a very good snorkeling spot. You can easily go from the beach into the water and only needs to swim towards the cliff and sees many different fish immediately.
The absolute highlight for experienced snorkelers and divers are the large rays that live near the harbor wall and often dare to get close to the beach.
If you want to see if the rays swim in front of the cliff, do so from the small viewing platform in front of the church tower in Morro Jable.

Surfing and snorkeling the same day

Surfing in the mornings and snorkelling in the afternoon is easy in Fuerteventura. For our surfers who live in Morro Jable it is especially easy, because the cliff in the bay of Morro Jable is a very nice and easy snorkeling area.

Schnochel equipment can be borrowed from us in the surf school office or buy in one of the many beach shops. There is also higher quality equipment in the fishing and diving accessories stores in the resort.

My conclusion

Snorkeling and surfing complement each other perfectly as it is an ideal mix of relaxation and action. Morro Jable is without exaggeration one of the island's best known snorkeling areas. The big rays that live near the harbor live is a highlight even for experienced divers.