Surfing at Easter in Fuerteventura despite Corona

Breakfast on the balcony of the apartments
Waves in Morro Jable

Can you travel to Fuerteventura at Easter this year (despite Corona) and what are the conditions for surfing there at this time of the year?

Hello surfer,
On the shelves of supermarkets, festivals usually announce themselves so far in advance that the thought of the pounds eaten on the last festival almost makes you feel nauseous.
By now, most of us should have walked past Easter eggs for so long that they no longer trigger any physical or emotional reaction. It is precisely this feeling of indifference in both chocolate Santa Clauses and chocolate easter bunnies that indicates that the festival in question is no longer too far off.

In contrast to Christmas, Easter is a festival for people whose first association is no longer looking for and finding eggs and chocolate. Not only to friends and relatives but also to the mountains for winter sports or to the sea for surfing.

Unfortunately, the former is next to impossible for most people this year, because many ski areas are not open or the surrounding hotels are not open.
A trip to the sea is certainly no longer as uncomplicated to plan as it was before the corona pandemic, but there are still some destinations you can travel to and surf there.

Shops and restaurants in Fuerteventura are open

For the trip to Fuerteventura you only need a negative Corona PCR test.
Even if there are not nearly as many flights and open hotels as before the Corona crisis, planes still fly regularly from most European cities to the Canary Islands and thus to Fuerteventura.

We had in winter and now we have a lot of nice guests in our apartments, our villa and our surf course.

Here on Fuerteventura life is less restricted compared to many other countries in Europe. Thanks to the year-round summery warm climate and the steady wind, all restaurants have their outdoor areas open and you can go out to eat normally in the evening. Shops are also open, of course it is mandatory to wear a mask in the shops.

We can also give normal surf courses, because sun, salt water and wind are practically natural disinfectants. Of course, it is mandatory to wear a mask in our cars on the way to the beach.

The waves and the weather at Easter are very good in Fuerteventura

I have already written a lot in this blog about the general weather on Fuerteventura, but still I have to smile again and again (not out of malicious glee or maliciousness) when I think about how wonderful it is to be here in the sun on the beach every day to be allowed.

The weather at Easter is almost warm in the middle of summer. The temperatures are always over 20 degrees during the day and often over 25 degrees. The water is almost 20 degrees. In the sun, which only doesn't shine on Fuerteventura on statistical 5 days a year, everything feels even warmer.

Little negative can be said about the waves to be expected at Easter. Strong waves on the sandbanks of the west coast are just as possible as small, clean waves on the east coast or south coast. We are mobile and drive with our land rovers to the beach, which offers the best surfing conditions for the surfing level of our guests.


Even during Corona times you can go surfing here on Fuerteventura. You can not only take a break from the cold weather on the European mainland, but in contrast to many other places in Europe, you can also go to restaurants or go shopping. A negative PCR test for entry is sufficient.