Surfing Fuerteventura and Spanish course

In the morning Spanish lessons in the language school
Off to the surf lessons in the afternoon

Who said you can not learn surfing in Fuerteventura? We offer Spanish courses that can be combined with our surf lessons. Tip: Our Spanish courses are recognized as educational leave;)

Fuerteventura is one of the best places in the world to learn how to surf. There is nothing to add. Fuerteventura is also a place where you can learn Spanish. Of course, you can learn Spanish in many parts of the world, but if you still want to surf that same day, even in winter, the choice of location will be a bit smaller. If you do not want to book a long distance flight to this place, you inevitably land on the Canary Islands and Fuerteventura.

The Spanish culture in Fuerteventura mixes with the culture of South America

Admittedly, if you see pictures of Fuerteventura, these are the infinite, gorgeous sandy beaches.
What is not the first to see on these pictures? Fuerteventura belongs to Spain.
The unique culture of Canary Island, in which the influences of the Spanish mainland and South America mix, there are of course in Fuerteventura. The inhabitants of the island are proud of their heritage and their heritage.

This includes the Spanish language, which is a true world language.
Look at a map of the world how many coasts there are in South and Central America. Yes, there is a whole continent with very good waves waiting to be toured. Not to mention the other Canary Islands and the north of Spain.
Would not it be great to be able to communicate here without always gesturing in English with hands and feet?

You will be amazed how cordial and hospitable Spanish-speaking people around the world are, if you only speak a few words of their language.

Learn Spanish in Fuerteventura

We work together with a Spanish school here in Morro Jable. The school is not even 2 minutes walk from our surf camp's accommodation and the sea. Some may feel a queasy feeling about the word school right away and think, "Thank God, that's over" ...
But, imagine a school where you go to the beach and / or just surf after class?

The teachers of our partner Spanish school are EU certified. Of course you can adapt to your level of ability. Whether you want to do a conversation class just to chat a bit with the locals or prepare for exams for specific EU language levels. You plan the course individually according to your wishes. There are opportunities to participate in groups, small groups or as a single person in the course. How many hours a day you want to prove can also be planned individually.

Important: The school's courses and certificates are recognized in the EU for educational leave.

Spanish course in the morning surf course in the afternoon

In order to have a sportive balance after learning Spanish, we offer surf camps for Spanish and surfing.
In the morning language school and in the afternoon you can try out the new language skills on the beach and in the line up with other surfers.

We can always plan the surf lesson so that the Spanish lesson does not conflict with surfing lessons.
So you have quasi action for the head and the body and bring in addition to the new sport and a new language home.


Whether you take the Spanish course because it justifies your next surf trip, "I want to learn Spanish, by chance you can learn to surf pretty close to the Spanish school ..."
Or if you just want to learn Spanish and in the winter looking for a place with sun and sea, where there is a sporty balance to school ...
Fuerteventura is the ideal place to take a language course and surf course on the same day!


The certificates of our Spanish courses are recognized in the EU as educational vacation.