Surfing in Cofete in the south of Fuerteventura

Every Fuerteventura vacationer finds at least one image of Cofete when searching for places of interest in Fuerteventura. No wonder the deserted beach regularly appears in top ten rankings of the world's most beautiful beaches. What many do not know, in Cofete there are often excellent waves for surfing.

After presenting our surfing beaches in the south of the island in the last blog article, I would like to present a very special beach in the south of Fuerteventura today.
Cofete - this beach has been used by Hollywood directors (such as Ridley Scott - Exodus) as a backdrop and regularly appears in rankings of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach of Cofete is definitely one of Fuerteventura's most impressive sights.

What makes this place so special?
Certainly the remoteness - only to reach on a dusty gravel road, which leads over a steep ridge, you will find in Fuerteventura's wild south a kilometer long except for a few visitors completely abandoned natural beach with strong Atlantic surf.

Interestingly, despite its remoteness, Cofete was one of the first populated places in the south of the island. The high mountain massif in the back of the beach dams up the clouds and the resulting precipitation allows a sparse vegetation, which serves as food for goats. The first inhabitants of Cofetes were shepherds. With the increasing importance of tourism on Fuerteventura, however, Morro Jable and Cofetes residents grew sought after work in tourism on the other island side.

Even today, there are small cottages made of natural stone in Cofete and a tapas restaurant for day guests. Most of these day visitors come because of the impressive landscape and the mysterious Villa Winter, which is situated on the hillside overlooking the beach. There are many secrets and legends around the villa - from Nazi refuge after the end of the Second World War to a secret base with grotto for submarines and hidden gold treasures.
Few are known, but the unreal landscape Cofetes amplifies such myths and reveries.

For us surfers Cofete has even more to offer:
A sheer inexhaustible number of sandbanks and thus good waves and all without any other surfer in the water. Where else can you find your own sandbank with often very good waves and share it with some friends?

I surfed alone in Cofete for more days than on all other beaches I know together! Again something that makes Fuerteventura my dream island in the Atlantic.