Surfing in Fuerteventura in March 2021

empty line ups await you in March ...
... and warm water in Fuerteventura

With or without Corona restrictions, March is one of the best months to surf in Fuerteventura. Here is some information about the weather and waves in March on Fuerteventura.

Hello surfer,

now January is almost over. Even if it sounds trite, the last month went by even faster than the previous ones.
What can that be?
Maybe because corona requirements, corona restrictions, etc. still determine our everyday life? Which for a Central European means that there is nothing else you can do except for long walks.

The corona-related restrictions are normal for most of us and the daily routine associated with them. Of course there are also restrictions on daily life here in Fuerteventura in order to contain the pandemic, but due to the warm climate, they are not quite as strict as comparable restrictions in Central Europe.

In addition to the Corona measures, which have become normal for most of the "new normal", there is another normal here in Fuerteventura - the warm climate and the good waves.

I usually visit my family in Berlin with my children over the Christmas holidays. This year this excursion to another climatic zone did not take place. For me it means that I have only known summer temperatures for exactly one year. The lack of the seasons makes the weeks and months here in Fuerteventura go by even faster.

January and February are probably among the coldest months here in Fuerteventura and that means that it is still at least spring-like and not a few days warmer than some summer days in Central Europe.

In addition, from March, the temperatures change from spring to summer.

In March it is already warm like in summer in Fuerteventura

While it sometimes cools down to 15 degrees at night in January and February, it is rarely colder than 18 degrees in the evenings in March. During the day, temperatures in March are stable between 20 and 25 degrees. It all feels a lot warmer in the sun.
With statistical 5 rainy days a year, the probability is high that you will have bright sunshine every day in a week in Fuerteventura in March and above all you have to take care of a good sunscreen.

In March the water was almost 20 degrees again. For surfing it is better to wear a wetsuit, but I can say that on warm afternoons in March I was often surfing with only board shorts.

The waves in March 2021

This heading implies that I could make an exact forecast for individual surfing days in March at this point. Of course that's not true. But there is a lot that can be said about the waves in March 2021.

In general, surfing in Fuerteventura in March 2021 will mean that you will have to share the waves with comparatively few other surfers.
As depressing as it is, the corona pandemic will not be over in the month after next and the travel behavior of many tourists, including surfers, will still be hesitant.
Those who still dare to show the cold shoulder in winter and fly into the warmth await empty line ups on Fuerteventura.

... and all of this in a month that is one of the best months for surfing in Fuerteventura. March is the last real winter month and can therefore provide us surfers with everything that Fuerteventura is popular and known for.
That means there are good waves on all of our surfing beaches and no matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, everyone will find their own perfect wave in March.


With or without the corona pandemic, March is one of the best months for surfing on Fuerteventura. There are still lots of great winter waves and the temperatures on many days are no longer spring-like but really summery. As macabre as it is, this year one can still assume that the waves and beaches will be relatively empty compared to previous years, so that every surfer who dares to fly to Fuerteventura can have his own "Endless Summer" experience with summer weather, perfect waves and empty beaches can hope for!

Aloha :)