Surfing in Fuerteventura in November

With our beach cruiser bikes on the way to our house beach Jandia
clean waves at the lighthouse in Jandia
offshore wind on the west coast in La Pared
The sunsets on the west coast in La Pared are legendary

November, Fuerteventura and surfing - who pronounces these three words together immediately feels a cold reflex. Not correct! Because surfing in Fuerteventura in November means: summer weather and great waves!

Hello november surfers,
In the month of November, one thinks directly of bad weather. Get up in the dark and then wait for the bus in the sleet. Cold, sitting in front of the TV and with all the peace, the winter is yet to come. When I write down my last November memories from Germany, I realize how melancholy I am.

On Fuerteventura, November is one of the best months of the year, of course for us surfers.

The weather in November in Fuerteventura

What do you want to say about the weather in November in Fuerteventura? It can be summarized in one word: summer.

With air temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees and water temperatures still over 20 degrees, it can record the November on Fuerteventura with the last two heat summer in Central Europe. With the comfortable difference that in midsummer in the city no crystal-clear blue Atlantic for bathing and surfing on the doorstep has.

Accordingly, one can keep the luggage small, because you only need summer clothes. A light jacket or warm sweater for the evenings at the sunset by the sea is enough.

In any case, do not forget the sunscreen, because the autumn sun in Fuerteventura still has power.

The waves in November in Fuerteventura

Of course, the section that is important for surfers is: Can you surf in Fuerteventura in November? Or: Where can you surf in Fuerteventura in November?

Again, there is another simple answer: Everywhere. November is not for nothing one of the best months to surf in Fuerteventura. Light winds, steady waves from different directions make every surf spot on Fuerteventura sparkle in November.

The only disadvantage?
It is no longer an absolute secret that November is a good month to surf in Fuerteventura. On some known reefs it can be quite a bit crowded.

We here in the south of Fuerteventura still have some secret surf spots where you can surf alone in November. It'll stay that way for a little longer, thanks to our Land Rover 4WDs.

My conclusion

Without too much euphoria, but there is no logical reason not to travel to Fuerteventura in November. At home it is cold and wet, in Fuerteventura it is still warm in the summer and the waves for surfing can be the best of the year. No matter how many other surfers may know, thanks to the long years in Fuerteventura and our Land Rover off-road vehicles, we know when and where we need to be and we also come to secluded beaches.

See you in the line up
Your Christof