Surfing in Fuerteventura in September

In September the water in Fuerteventura is still so warm that you don't need a wetsuit
clean green waves on the west coast of Fuerteventura

Can surf well in Fuerteventura in September? What is the weather like in September in Fuerteventura?

Hello September Surfer,

Summer is almost over and many surfers are already starting to plan the surf trip that they didn't start in summer for autumn or perhaps also to plan the second surf trip of the year in autumn.

Actually, September still belongs to summer, but we surfers count September as the first month of autumn. That doesn't necessarily have to do with the weather, but much more to do with the waves.

Even if the summer offers many beginner-friendly wind waves, all surfers wait for the steady Atlantic swells and weak wind, so that you can see the lines of the incoming swell far out on the smooth sea.

The waves in Fuerteventura in September

What to say about the waves in September Well maybe this: There are several surf videos with the title "September Sessions".
Do not think that there are such surf video titles related to individual months for all 12 months of the year.
So that means the waves in September are definitely not among the worst of the year.

In September there are waves running on all the coasts of the island and we are spoiled for choice on many days. Surf a few clean right waves with us on our doorstep in Jandia, a few cozy offshore windswell waves in Esquinzo with the old longboard or do you prefer to surf the west coast and glassy clean beachbreak waves? Everything is possible in September.

Beginners and advanced surfers will find good conditions for surfing in Fuerteventura in September.

Do you know our first image film. It lasts for 12 minutes unimaginable today. All pictures in the water were made in September :)

Surf camps in September

Of course we also offer the same surf camps in September as in the rest of the year. The best surf camp in September is our surf villa in La Pared. On the large natural beach, clean waves are now breaking with little wind. With changing tides, the waves are better for beginners or advanced surfers.

After the surf course you can continue to relax on the large beach or relax in the afternoon by the large pool of our villa. If you still want to go surfing a second time for a relaxed sunset session :)


September is the first month of autumn oi Fuerteventura in the surfing calendar. That doesn't mean that the weather or water is getting cooler. On the contrary! September is one of the months on Fuerteventura when you can surf clean waves on all coasts without a wetsuit.
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