Surfing in the south of Fuerteventura

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The surfing beaches and surf spots in the south of Fuerteventura are often emptier than comparable beaches and reefs in the north of the island. This is not because the waves in the south of Fuerteventura are worse, but rather because there are few decent spot directories for the south of the island.

The rumor persists for years that the waves in the north of the island are bigger and if not bigger then definitely better. Without any local patriotism, I can say that this is just not right. Fuerteventura is just over 100km long, why should waves that are 1000 to 4000km far away are in such a small distance regionally different effect.

But the size of the wave depends on the direction of the beach or surf spot and how the terrain is.

Short interim assessment to think ahead:
The waves in the north and south of the island are the same, but there are different surf spots that show similar but also different directions.

The most famous surf spots of the north are the reefs of the north coast, the far beaches of the west coast and the small bays along the east coast.
Well-known surf spots in the south of the island are virtually nonexistent. That does not mean that there are no surf spots. The spot and beaches in the north are simply better documented.

The south of the island also has beaches on the west coast, with the beach of La Pared even one of the most famous surfing beaches of the island. The bay is a wave magnet. In more than 15 years on Fuerteventura I have not experienced a day without waves here. A real highlight is the kilometer long sandy beach Cofete in the very south of the island. Here sandbank joins sandbank. Surfer you can still see almost never. Anyone who has ever surfed the French Atlantic coast will quickly understand the mechanics of the waves, currents and sandbanks of the beach. The approach to the beach is a bit adventurous but also without off-road vehicles to accomplish. You are guaranteed the only surfer in the water. Where can one still experience something like that?

The most famous surf spots in northern Fuerteventura are undoubtedly the many reefs on the north coast. What few know - in the south of the island there are reefs. These southern reefs need bigger waves to cover the swell around the southern tip of the island. When this happens you will be rewarded with clean waves that always have offshore wind.

Every surfer knows that the prevailing wind direction on Fuerteventura is northeast. Unfortunately, the well-known "Northshore" is blown offshore for much of the year. The northeast wind is south of the island offshore wind.

Are the waves in the south of the island worse? Definitely not. On the south coast reefs, the waves may be smaller, but much cleaner and easier to surf.

Anyone living in the south of Fuerteventura, like us, often smiles over the spot descriptions of the travelers surfers - and keep quiet! Because clean waves are great, but sharing them with just a few friends is a real gift that many surfers in the south of Fuerteventura always dumbfounded;)

See you soon, your Christof