Surfing in the summer on Fuerteventura

Just as many advanced surfers continue to spread the rumor that there are no waves in the south of Fuerteventura, so does the legend that you can not surf the Canaries in summer.

The summer on Fuerteventura is much better than its reputation. Of course, that does not just apply to the weather. Of course, the weather in summer on Fuerteventura is summery warm, as well as the sea.

This is why summer is one of the most popular months for traveling on Fuerteventura. There is virtually a sun guarantee that this guarantee also exists for the rest of the year is well known among us surfers.

But back to our actual topic:
Can you surf in Fuerteventura in summer?
Yes, you can! ... and not bad.
If you want to explore the reefs of the island in summer, seek hollow, powerful waves and surf the tubes, you will be disappointed in Fuerteventura. However, if you want to surf moderate warm beach waves in the summer without wearing a wetsuit, Fuerteventura is the place for you.

Not least because of this we have many beginners in our surf courses during the summer. Due to the exposed location in the Atlantic, there are always waves on Fuerteventura and in summer, these waves are strong enough for a neat surf session but not so strong that every surfers in a fight with the elements degenerates.

Above all, the often neglected east coast can now become an insider tip. As already mentioned in the previous articles, the Windswell of the current trade winds can generate very good waves. Clean point-break waves, perfect for painting retro shapes and on the right days even tubes and steep sections for shortboard maneuvers.

Our conclusion: Fuerteventura is always worth a visit and Fuerteventura is always worth a surfing trip. Not only in autumn and winter there are waves on Fuerteventura like from the surf magazine - even in summer the Atlantic island still has a lot in the wave portfolio. Aloha!