Surfing on Fuerteventura in January

Group of advanced surfers in January at the beach
empty beaches in January
summer temperatures in January in Fuerteventura
clean waves in January in Fuerteventura

Surfing and January sounds like swimming trunks and skates - but here in Fuerteventura you can wear shorts in January, lie in the sun and surf, of course.

Anyone who says the word January as a Central European automatically thinks of the typical "after Christmas and New Year's Eve hang over". The money is all the abdominal girth has increased and you know in the foreseeable future it is cold and early dark. January is not a month you would associate with something as summer as surfing. Of course there are brave and especially cold insensitive surfers who surf in January in the Baltic or North Sea.

I did that once too. It was great. The waves were better than I thought. But to be honest it was nothing that would relax me on a weekly basis.

The weather and the waves in January in Fuerteventura

So much for the weather and the waves in Germany in January. You already suspect that weather and of course the waves in January on Fuerteventura differ significantly from those in Germany. Right.

In January Fuerteventura is still between 20 and 25 degrees warm. Of course, the sun also shines in January. If there are statistically 5 rainy days per year per year, there is so much sun left in every season that even in January a sunscreen will be in every traveler's luggage.

The water is still nearly 20 degrees. In the mornings and in stronger winds you might feel cooler, but there are wetsuits for that.

January is still as warm as a summer's day in Central Europe. Only in the evening you should have a light jacket or thick sweater in the luggage.

Waves in the surf camp in January in Fuerteventura

Of course, we also offer surf camps in January.
The waves in January are still among the best of the year. Little wind steady swells generate top conditions for beginners and advanced surfers on all coasts of Fuerteventura.
Do not worry, it's not that only experienced and good surfers surf in Fuerteventura in January. Also in January we offer courses for beginners and slightly advanced.

The only drawback to the very good waves in the fall is that the water is a bit colder. There are fewer guests in Fuerteventura in January and you share the waves with just a few other surfers.

My conclusion

January is my personal favorite month in Fuerteventura. It is almost warm in the summer - you often forget during the day that snow is being shoveled at home. Thanks to the few tourists in January on the island, many surf spots really make you feel like you're rediscovering the island. Yes, and I have to say little to the waves, except maybe ... clean, steady, very good, sometimes perfect ...
As I said before, January is the month I am most looking forward to.


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