Surfing on Fuerteventura on the beach of La Pared

La Pared is not only the most famous surfing beach in the south, but is also one of the most undeveloped beaches in Fuerteventura on the island. In the picturesque bay with the striking cliffs there are waves 365 days a year;)

As announced in the last blog post I will describe our surfing beaches in more detail in the next articles. Today I want to start with one of the most famous surfing beaches on Fuerteventura, Playa del viejo Rey at La Pared.

La Pared - Fuertevenutra's most famous surf beach

La Pared is located in the south of Fuerteventura strictly speaking at the junction of the northern peninsula Maxorata to the southern peninsula of Jandia. At this point Fuerteventura is only 5km wide. It's only a few minutes by car from the laid-back East Coast, with its wide white dream beaches to the wild west coast with its rugged cliffs and hidden beaches.

The name La Pared means in German: "The wall". This is attributed to a stone wall which is said to have separated the northern from the southern island kingdom during the Guanches.

La Pared has little in common with the not far away on the east coast located village Costa Calma. The name means quiet coast but this refers more to the state of the sea, which here protected from waves almost always flat and streamless to swim invites. Otherwise, Costa Calma is a typical resort with hotels, shops, restaurants and discos.

La Pared is a place for individual tourists and vacationers who want to enjoy the wild and pristine landscape of the island. Also in La Pared there is a small supermarket, a restaurant and two small bars. But there are no hotel complexes vacationers live here in holiday homes and fincas and can be spellbound by the primal forces of the Atlantic Ocean with its everlasting surf.

The waves in La Pared

At the height of La Pared, Fuerteventura is slightly shaped like the mouth of a funnel. It can be said that every wave from the open Atlantic is absorbed by La Pared as if it were a wave magnet. The result in La Pared is always waves.

The bay is big enough to accommodate several sandbars, making it ideal for surfing. Many surfers have ridden their first whitewater waves on this beach. When the wind subsides and the waves are smaller, there are often very good green / unbroken waves for advanced surfers.

What all surfers love are the evening hours in La Pared when the sun turns the sea and the sky fire red. Whether in the water or with a beer on the beach these are the Fuerteventura moments you will not forget.