The German from the perspective of a Spanish

It is autumn on Fuerteventura. How can you notice this? World-class waves and German pensioners in the restaurants. Therefore today a not quite serious meant contribution to the intra-European understanding of the people.

Dear Germans please be very brave.
Hold on to your crocheted tablecloths, hug your dachshund, sip a hefty sip from the mug and turn the Roy Black record down a bit - here's the cliché-soaked pork knuckle-hard truth about what the Spaniards think of us :

The Spaniards affectionately call the Germans "Cabeza de Cuadrada" - which means square skulls.

Do not bale the fist in your jogging pants right away. There is a certain amount of awe in this word. The German is considered punctual, tidy, hardworking and tolerant.

We Germans are hybrid machine beings born of a wise creator to build the best cars in the world. Unfortunately, this creator has spread the humor to other Europeans who still like to drive our cars and admire how much we work.
In Germany, engineers seem to be cloned, so all Germans look kind of the same, wide hips, fair skin, wooden gait ...

Which brings us to the subject of a comprehensive arch: Germans are considered stiff.
It's hard to imagine them dancing to anything other than marching music.

Incidentally, we are far from envying our humanities achievements as we wish.
Who wants to get a love poem in a language that sounds like a mixture of Tourette and cough for the uninitiated, whispered in the ear when tango is danced next door? Olé!

Typically German: Even on holiday, we annoy (with friendly assurance) our southern European improvisation talents with constantly new well-intentioned suggestions for improvement.

We only mean it well ?!
Let me tell you, real recognition does not always deserve the most diligent worker in Spain - it's the heartiest fellow human being!

So here's a little exercise for the domestic hall mirror:
You need a fully ripe banana. First, with the white sports socks look for firm hold on the bright laminate floor. Then place the banana carefully horizontally in your mouth and carry it so long that you can not smile without gum even after two hours of rush hour traffic.
Now throw your arms to the side and your shoulders backwards and loudly shout "Hola, que tal!".