The small bay "La Bahia" in La Pared

soft green waves ideal for longboards and retro shapes
the waves of the small bay of La Bahia in La Pared

Most visitors to La Pared know the large natural beach "El Viejo Rey", but La Pared has a second small beach. In the bay "La Bahia" it is not uncommon for good right waves to break over a smooth and overgrown reef.

Hello surfers,

after the articles about Corona of the past weeks, today finally comes an amount that is only about surfing.
After all, that's why I moved to Fuerteventura and still don't regret this decision.

In the past I wrote a lot of articles about surfing in La Pared, the trips you can do here and of course about the large natural beach "El Viejo Rey" (Spanish "The Old King"). It is this beach that has made the place known across the island. There are different sandbars here and you can say without exaggeration that there is almost something like a wave guarantee, because in La Pared there are almost always waves.

That is why we also go to La Pared with our surf courses for beginners and also with our surf courses for advanced surfers.

In the Bahia clean right waves run over a reef

What many surfers don't know there is another good surf spot in La Pared - the small bay "Bahia La Pared". Many tourists and locals know the bay "Bahia La Pared" anyway, because it has one of the best fish restaurants on the island.
Not so many visitors to Fuerteventura know that good waves regularly break in this bay.

Thanks to the long cliff, the Bahia is a bit sheltered from the wind than the large main beach in La Pared. In the bay itself there is also a very nice beach. The waves themselves run over a reef a little further out in the bay right at the beginning of the cliff. The reef itself is overgrown and you don't need booties to surf here.

You need a little ground swell - stronger waves so that the first lines are visible in the Bahia. But then right waves run cleanly in the Bahia. The waves break very gently, so you should bring a board with volume, preferably a fishboard or malibu. On larger days you can of course also surf here with a shortboard.

Apre surf dinner in the Bahia

In summer you can really surf the sunset in the Bahia. Then I recommend a visit to the Bahia fish restaurant. Fresh fish and tapas are served here every day. The restaurant has a spacious outdoor area from which you have a great view of the bay, the sea and the setting sun.

If you are not on holiday in La Pared (for example in our villa :)), a trip to Bahia La Pared with surfing and eating is a great afternoon trip!


La Pared is known for surfers all over Fuerteventura for the large sandy beach. But there is another surf spot, the picturesque bay "La Bahia La Pared".
If you are not on holiday in La Pared (for example in our villa :)), a trip to the "Bahia La Pared" to surf and then eat in the fish restaurant is a great afternoon trip!