The top sights for surfers in Fuerteventura

The endless beach of Cofete
Lighthouse at Punta de Jandia
The bay of the small island of Lobos
Surfers on the Northshore

There are also attractions in Fuerteventura. In addition to the normal sights, there are some that are only interesting for surfers. Which? You can find out in our blog article.

Even if Fuerteventura is only a beach for most vacationers and almost all vacationers travel to the island for this very reason - there are also sights in Fuerteventura. Almost all of these sights can be discovered and visited individually with your own rental car or with an organized excursion.

We also arrange excursions to the most beautiful sights of the island for our guests.

Are there any sights that you should have seen as surfers in Fuerteventura? These would be sights that are not necessarily interesting for "normal" tourists, but for many surfers, besides the famous waves of the island, a particularly impressive highlight.

Here is a small compilation of the sights in Fuerteventura that we think are particularly interesting for surfers:

The waves off the island of Lobos

The best wave of the Canary Islands for most surfers. It breaks along the southwest coast of the small island of Lobos. This wave makes surfers' hearts beat faster because it runs endlessly and has many hole sections. The only disadvantage: Unfortunately Lobos is anything but an insider tip and every surfer who travels to Fuerteventura wants to surf here once.

Attention Lobos is not for beginners. Safe driving and maneuvering out of a green wave are basic requirements.

The endless beach of Cofete

This beach is not just the longest beach in Fuerteventura. Cofete is also the most deserted beach on the island. Here you can walk for miles without hitting a human soul. Behind Cofete are the highest mountains in Fuerteventura. Even if these mountains are “only” 800 meters high, the massif that towers from an altitude of 800 meters to a steep wall looks massive. A positive side effect: In Cofete it is often less windy than on the rest of the island's beaches.
Cofete is almost always among the top ten rankings of the "most beautiful beaches" in the world. There are many individual articles and articles on the Internet and newspapers about this beach and there are even novels about the mysterious Villa Winter droning over the place. Cofete has also served as a film location for Hollywood productions.
Enough raves ...

Important for us surfers: You can surf in Cofete. The waves are as high as on other beaches on the west coast. Currents and sandbars are similar to those of the French Atlantic coast. There are endless sandbars that you all have to yourself. A healthy self-assessment is important, because in Cofete there are no lifeguards, no other surfers and only a few day tourists who can help you.

The only disadvantage of Cofete is also an advantage. You can only reach this beach with a full day hike or by car over a dusty pass in the south of the island. The slope to the pass is a gravel slope and not a paved road.
Those who drive carefully can do the tour with the rental car.

The northshore

The north coast of the island is compared to the north coast of Hawaii because of its many reefs where the most varied waves break. Nowhere in the Canary Islands is the density of surf spots so high. Unfortunately, nowhere else in the Canary Islands are so many surfers in one place.

The southwestern tip (Punta de Jandia) of Fuerteventura

Anyone who drives behind the fishing village of Morro Jable on the gravel track that starts from the small cemetery only has to follow the track for 16 km and discover how Fuerteventura looked a few decades ago: lonely, wild, barren, adventurous, beautiful.

A few goat farms, wild donkeys and bathing bays further on you can see the southwestern end of the island with the small village "Punta" and the lighthouse. In front of the small village there are often tiny fishing boats from which the locals catch fresh fish, which is sold to visitors in the two restaurants in the village. There is a small bay for you here.

For us surfers there is still a lot to discover in the south of Fuerteventura. Probably here are some of the island's last real “secret spots”. More will not be revealed;)