The waves in the surfing village of La Pared

The big bay "El Viejo Rey" in La Pared
Evening session in La Pared

The surfing village of La Pared on the west coast of Fuerteventura is known for its large natural beach "El Viejo Rey" but there is a second beach where you can surf.

Everyone who is interested in surfing in Fuerteventura has heard the name La Pared. La Pared is a small village on the wild west coast of Fuerteventura. There are 365 days a year that make surfers' hearts beat faster - waves!

But there is a lot more to discover in the small town than just the large beach "El Viejo Rey".

The name Spanish name "La Pared" means "the wall" in German. Traditions from the history of Fuerteventura before colonization are very rare. It is said that Fuerteventura was once divided into a northern and a southern kingdom. The border ran at the narrowest part of the island. There was a wall or wall. At the height of this wall on the west coast is La Pared.

As already written, La Pared is at the narrowest part of the island. It is only 5 minutes by car to the tourist Costa Calma on the east coast.

Surfing in the main bay of La Pared "El Viejo Rey"

Waves break all year round on the large natural beach of La Pared. You can say that La Pared is one of the safest surf spots in all of Fuerteventura. Even on summer days in August when there are hardly any waves breaking on the beaches of France, the waves in La Pared are still at least waist-high and gently push surfers.

The good waves break in different parts of the bay. At the beginning of the bay there is a picturesque staircase that usually breaks right in front of the stairs and in front of the small rocks in the water there are good waves for surfing. There is another sandbar in the middle of the large main bay. At the southern end of the bay is a steeper and stronger wave for advanced surfers.

Surfing in the bay "La Bahia" in La Pared

What many do not know there is a second beach in La Pared and good waves break here too. In the bay "La Bahia" there is a point break with gently breaking right waves with larger and stronger waves. Inexperienced surfers should pay attention to the current here. Even if it is a sandy beach, the subsoil is a reef.


In Bahia Bay there is a very good fish restaurant that is known throughout the island. It is called "Bahia La Pared" just like the bay


La Pared is one of the most famous places on Fuerteventura's west coast due to its large natural beach. Here waves (without exaggeration) break 365 days a year for beginners and advanced, so the beach is one of the safest waves in Fuerteventura. But there is a second beach where you can also surf. In the picturesque bay "La Bahia" there is a small point break that runs over a reef plate. Attention current!