Traveling alone to the surf camp

You want to learn to surf but none of your friends have time. It is a little adventure for many people to go on holiday alone for the first time. A surf camp is the ideal place to get in touch with new people.

All surfers who did not grow up by the sea learned surfing on a journey. Some just went to the sea with friends, just like I did 20 years ago. From this vacation I came back with a heavy surf virus. This virus has not healed until today, that's why I live on Fuerteventura today and founded the OTRO MODO Surfcamp 10 years ago.

The problem for us surf junkies as well as for people who dream of surfing and really want to learn it is often the travel planning.

After having given some tips for the search for cheap flights in one of the last blog amounts, today we are dealing with a topic that is not as logistically as easy to pack as the search for a flight:
Traveling with friends or alone?

Does it just happen to me or are you the same?
I used to travel permanently with friends. Planning more than one friend for a weekend break today is a logistical masterpiece. It's almost as hard to reconcile holiday planning and travel needs with a group as the last coalition formation in Berlin.

At some point, then, the logical question arises, further annoying with the planning, which could also amount to not travel at all or go on vacation alone.
For me, this question was not yet in the first surf trips, but I was faced with this decision. At that time I went on vacation alone, which sometimes was a bit lonely despite good waves. There were not many surf camps at that time and, above all, very few who had guests in the off-season.

Retroactively, I would have been happy about a place with other like-minded surfing enthusiasts. Meeting other people sharing the same passion is always great. There is a kind of non-verbal communication, because thanks to the common surfing enthusiasm you agree in many things.

The surf camp as a meeting place is therefore ideal for those traveling alone who virtually travel by themselves. Many of our traveling guests know this and therefore consciously choose to spend their holidays in a surf camp to meet nice people.
Not infrequently, these friendships make real friendships.

Little tip: On Facebook, there are many surf and travel groups where you can search for and find travel partners.

Best regards from Fuerteventura
Your Christof