Vegan surf camp

Vegan nutrition is also possible in the surf camp. Also on Fuerteventura there is the possibility vegan to eat and live. Where do we explain in this blog post.

Hello Surfer,
are there vegan surf camps? This question reaches me again and again. So there are surf camps in which a vegan lifestyle is maintained, that is the renunciation of all products from animal origin.
We do not cook ourselves in our surf camp in Morro Jable. But we work together with friendly local restaurant owners. In addition, there are many vegan products in the supermarket, some of which also come from the region.

Vegan living in Fuerteventura

Eating vegan in Fuerteventura is not a problem. Most products popular with vegans and vegetarians are also available in Fuerteventura. In all major supermarkets there is a wide assortment of vegan products such as milk, humus, vegan sausage and meat products etc. Also in Spain and in the Canary Islands many locals live vegan and vegetarian. Just as in mainland Europe, more and more people are concerned about the environment, climate change, animal welfare and one's own health. Being more aware and responsible is an important issue for us surfers, who are so close to nature. That's why many islanders buy their food from local markets and farms, and consciously eat local produce.

Vegan diet in the surf camp

Being a vegan surf camp participant is no problem for us Morro Jable. All restaurants are subject to the EU labeling requirements for ingredients contained in the food. Each restaurant also has a vegetarian and / or vegan dish. There are even some restaurants that specialize in vegetarian food.

In our surf camp apartments in Morro Jable there is a small kitchen. Ideal to prepare your own food. Often our guests also cook together and take turns to visit and eat together. The big supermarket in Morro Jable offers vegan food. There are also two organic and health food stores selling many vegan products. In the small market hall in the village there are fresh vegetables from the region.

In our Surf Villa in La Pared there is next to the small kitchens in the studio and apartment a rustic outdoor kitchen to cook together. In La Pared, there is a goat farm that sells home-grown vegetables and friendly farmers in addition to fresh goat cheese. In the neighboring Costa Calma there is a large supermarket where vegan products are sold.

Several times a year in our villa, we organize weeks of yoga with a vegan diet. Then our yoga teacher cooks vegan food for our guests. Delicious :)

My conclusion

Especially now in times of climate change, it is important to feed so that resources are protected and our planet is not further exploited. A vegan diet is part of a conscious lifestyle. It is no problem to eat vegan on Fuerteventura. In our surfcamp we do not cook ourselves and therefore can not offer vegan own food, but we live long enough on Fuerteventura and know local shops and restaurants around our guests enough tips and advice to feed ourselves in the surf camp delicious vegan.