What does it mean to be an official surf school? (Part 1)

As a surf school operator we have a lot of effort to keep our business running. A little insight into the requirements and obligations so a surf school on Fuerteventura is recognized by the community.

Hello reader,

today I give you a little look behind the scenes. Running a surf camp and a surf school is easy - not a few think. Of course, there are far more difficult businesses. Despite all this we have a high responsibility, not only for having a great holiday, but above all for making sure that your holiday is safe and organized.

Who thinks in the south of Europe, everything is easier, it is wrong. It's not that the Spanish authorities quit work in the late morning, because everyone wants to spend as much time as possible on the beach because of the nice weather. On the contrary, the Spanish civil service apparatus is large and the laws and regulations for operating a surfing school with surf camp are very diverse and even for local Spaniards sometimes very complicated to understand.

So that we do not misunderstand here, I do not want to complain about the strict bureaucracy, only to ensure that each of the surf trips offers this also under current local and European laws. This ensures protection and safety for all tourists. And there is a quality standard from which everyone benefits.

But let's start from the very beginning where our work and the reason why we emigrated take place.
At the beach.
So that we can give surf lessons on beaches, we have to buy licenses for these beaches, which are auctioned anonymously every four years.
That sounds like a lot of money?
Unfortunately, yes, sigh ...
The number of surfing students on the beaches is not getting any better and the sport remains safe for other surfers and beach visitors.
Not without pride I can say that we are the surf camp with licenses for most different beaches. This has been a lot of work, but that's the only way we can stand by our promise: to find the beach with the best waves every day, for the surfing level of our surfing students.

So, we have the beach licenses, what now? Yes you have to go to the beach, so you need cars. In order to be able to use cars in the Canaries to carry guests, these cars must be given a separate license to transport tourists. This license is unique and only for cars that are not older than three years. A simple rule that ensures that you can buy virtually only new cars for the operation.
Yes, groan, that can be quite expensive. Luckily we have a top bank advisor. Thanks Alberto!
For all tourists, this means that the cars in which they are transported are safe and do not look like props for the next Mad Max movie.

Next week I will continue and I try to make this dry topic as entertaining as possible. Now I have to surf fast myself.