What does it mean to be an official surf school? (Part 2)

As a surf camp operator there is a lot to keep in mind to keep the operation running. Our insight into the requirements and obligations to legalize a surf camp on Fuerteventura continues.

Where were we last stopped?
Exactly I wanted to give you an insight into the work of a surf camp and surf school operator. If you think we spend our day between surf sessions and cocktails with small umbrellas, then you're wrong. So a surf session must be, after all, we have not emigrated to the Hawaii of Europe for nothing. But the last time I had a glass with parasol and sugar edge in my hand before 20 o'clock is at least 10 years back.

Do not get me wrong, I'm not a working diva and I want to complain. I like to do my job and would like to give all those interested a little insight behind the scenes.

I had already written licenses for the beaches where we give surf lessons. Just as our cars may only be for a maximum of three years at the time of purchase to receive permission to carry passengers commercially.

But that's not all.
Of course, our employees must have proper employment contracts. That means they are registered in Spain, thanks to the EU this is not difficult. This also means that here you have an official employment contract with all social insurance is in accordance with Spanish law and of course also includes holidays.
In my time as a surf instructor, there was no such thing, today it sounds crazy. At that time, the official employment contract would have been crazy. Most surfcamp operators had no contracts for their employees at all or had these invoices written with a German tax code.
That's not possible anymore - and that's a good thing. A serious employer offers serious employment. Who does not draw this principle from his own moral context is now remembered by the local community.

The local police not only check if we stick to the beach rules, they also check if everyone who has one of the surf school cars with guests has a proper contract with the surf school.

Next topic, but equally important. To operate a surf school belongs an office. This can not be the vacated shared room. Not even the garage from the neighbor or a parked caravan. This office must be in a commercial property and an architect must officially confirm that it has emergency exit signs, a first aid kit, a toilet and more. before you can officially use the office.

"Last but not least" for today - liability insurance:
A similar is obligatory with a policy over at least 5 million euro.
For what?
In the event that has occurred and for which we do everything that he never enters.
For example, in the event that someone injured so badly that permanent impairment.
Actually, you can not hurt yourself that much when surfing. The beach is soft, the water bounces off everything and on our softboards not even a lunatic mass murderer finds a sharp edge or hard spot.
Nevertheless, should the unlikely event happen that someone is seriously injured, then the liability insurance pays for work lost, patient transport and the like.

Hey, the end of our blog for today sounds pretty serious. That was not how it was planned. People always stay relaxed. There is hardly a board sport where so many old people look so good. Surfing is safe and damn sexy even at retirement age.

Until next week.
Your Christof