When will there be flights to Fuerteventura again?

Many European airlines will fly to Fuerteventura again in July
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From the end of June, many European airlines will again offer flights to Fuerteventura.

Hello surfers,
now we are a little bit smarter about further travel planning for the rest of the year.
The optimism that we will spend the summer together with you in the waves of the Atlantic is now slowly giving way to certainty.

Many European airlines are currently publishing their summer flight schedules. Most start flying to the Canary Islands between the end of June and the beginning of July, and of course also to Fuerteventura again.

As many of you know from the news, there are still comparatively strict exit restrictions in Spain at the moment. However, these are relaxed week after week.
The pandemic was particularly difficult in Madrid and Barcelona than in other European cities.

There were comparatively few Covid 19 infected people in the Canary Islands

Nevertheless, the same rules still apply to all of Spain. The Spanish government and the Canary Islands government have said on several occasions that the current restrictions are scheduled to end in the second half of June.

The same applies to the currently valid 14-day quarantine that every incoming European must undergo.
We and many others involved in tourism suspect that the Spanish government wants to allow tourism again in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Until then, the pandemic in these regions is to be brought to a complete standstill. Hence the immigration quarantine at the moment.

This was also confirmed yesterday by the Prime Minister of Spain.
Pedro Sanchez said that Europeans should plan their vacation and can travel to Spain again in July.

Many European airlines are planning flights to Fuerteventura again

The Condor recently presented its summer flight schedule. Eurowings and Tuifly also want to fly to Fuerteventura again from July, just like Easyjet and Ryan Air. We will shortly be publishing a table with all flights to Fuerteventura from July.


There will be a summer and of course an autumn and winter season on Fuerteventura. This is reason enough to stop short and be happy. For you as a traveling surfer as well as for us, who we can now pursue our passion to show our sport to other people and to inspire them for the sea.