Winter on Fuerteventura

It is so far with the calendar winter beginning in December, the surf conditions on Fuerteventura change. Not for the bad, offshore wind and empty line ups become quasi routine :)

Winter on Fuerteventura. As a Central European surfer, one not infrequently thinks: "Fuerteventura is the Hawaii of Europe. Hawaii has giant waves in winter. Oh God, giant waves are nice, but rather to watch, certainly not to surf yourself. "

Not even close!
Winter on Fuerteventura means sharing perfect waves with few others!

In our particular case, one has to say that on time with Advent the typical Canary Islands trade wind has ceased to operate and that a moderate and sometimes stronger east wind is blowing. Anyone who has ever had a rudimentary study of the geography of Fuerteventura will now slowly begin to duck for a euphoric aerial leap.

Yes, absolutely right!
At least one Jauchzer is now appropriate. Because every normal socialized Atlantic Surfer knows enough days with "chopper wind waves" that slosh his face. Now you only get paddling with water and wind in your face.

For all Fuerteventura newcomers:
The east wind on Fuerteventura means that all beaches and reefs facing west have offshore wind. As the west coast and the parts of the north and south coast of Fuerteventura, the parts of the island are pointing towards the open Atlantic, this means that every wave created by a groundswell breaks extremely clean.

Do I have to say more, I do not think so.
There are so many beaches and reefs on Fuerteventura that now every surfer can find the wave that suits his abilities. Even beaches that have otherwise rather moderate waves now produce great waves.

Well, I could write more about wind directions and waves on Fuerteventura. But I have to go surfing fast now.
See you in the line up!