Yoga in the surf camp

Sarah organizes our office in Fuerteventura. She has been doing yoga for many years and also gives yoga classes for our guests here in Fuerteventura.

Hello im Sarah,
I organize the surf camp office in Fuerteventura. I love yoga and give yoga classes for our surf camp guests here in Morro Jable.

Finally holidays! Welcome to Fuerteventura!
As soon as you put your feet on the sandy bottom of this often desert-like island, you can leave your everyday worries and duties behind. Take off your thick jacket and shoes and relax your mind and body.
The peace, tranquility, vastness of the landscape and the mild climate offer an ideal environment for letting go, breathing deeply and refueling.

Yoga as a supplement to surfing

Surf for the first time!
Getting up early, squeezing into wet and cool wetsuits, sometimes from the previous day - is just as much a part of fighting against the natural forces of the sea as you can with all your strength.
Of course surfing is a lot of fun, but you are still shaken by the sea. The constant struggle against waves and currents, unforeseen movements and somersaults under water can lead to muscle soreness and on the first evening you will fall asleep quickly and exhausted.

Don't get me wrong - I love surfing ... and I love yoga!
Yoga is very helpful in returning to the feeling of relaxation and lightness that sets in on vacation.

We offer several yoga classes a week. The times vary depending on the times of the surf course. So you can either start your day with morning yoga, where we awaken our joints, muscles and spirit, or you can take part in our sunset yoga, in which we give our bodies additional love and regain strength after a hard day of surfing.

It is never too late to start yoga

If you are a beginner to yoga and always wanted to know what this yoga thing is about, but never had the time or time to attend a class, this is the perfect way to start practicing.

It is much more about creating awareness for your body, thinking about living in the moment, enjoying the environment and taking your time instead of stretching with one leg behind your ear as a contortionist.

If you are already doing yoga, you will immediately find a place and people to practice with, and you may also get new ideas to broaden your experience.


A vacation with us does not only mean that you improve your skills on the surfboard and soak up the sun while it is gray and dark at home. You will also find the time and perfect conditions to do yoga, to listen to yourself and to calm and harmonize the inner waves.