Surf Glossary - A: From Aerial to A-frame



The aerial is a generic term for the maneuvers that take place above the wave. If you compare surfing with skateboarding, the term can be compared to jumping over the ramp.
For an aerial you need above all speed and a lot of skill.


A Hawaiian greeting that is not literally translatable, but roughly equates to "love" "affection". In ancient tradition, it also means "standing in the sight of God's breath" Aloha is often used today as a greeting among the surfers.

Angle Take Off

With the Angle Take Off, you paddle diagonally into the waves right at the beginning. In contrast to the bottom turn, in which you pull the curve only after the take-off and finally in front of the shaft, in order to then drive off at an angle.

A-frame (see also left and right wave)

A frame is a wave that breaks both to the right and to the left. That's nice, because then you have the opportunity to train yourself in both.