Surf Glossary - V: From Volumen to V bottom



This term comes from the material area. The volume indicates how much buoyancy a surfboard has and results from the size, width and thickness of the surfboard. A board with a lot of volume has a lot of buoyancy. With windsurfing boards you measure the volume in liters, surfboards for surfing is not common.

V Bottom

The V Bottom Shape is the name given to a particular shape of the underside of the surfboard. The underside is not completely flat but runs easily on a middle edge. Therefore, the underside of the board has a shape like a very flat V. This form is more common with old boards and very short boards. Newer boards often have a concave underwater ship. The V should make the board more manoeuvrable and help with edge to edge changes. Often you can find it on old longboards or twin fin fishboards.